The Work of Family Law Solicitors in UK


More often than not, family relationships are complicated. In the fast paced modern world, people harbour a lot of emotional stress as well as differ in opinions about same situations. This might lead to unending arguments that eventually take a toll of relationships, hence causing them to break down. The consequences of broken family relationships can be quite devastating. It is for this reason that many people, who might be in such scenarios, need expert legal services from family law solicitors. So, what are the issues that are normally addressed by family law solicitors in the UK? Shortland solicitors have put together some of the most common areas handled by them:-

  1. Cohabitation

When one is not legally married to his or her partner, the person might not automatically have rights to a share of the family assets. Family solicitors can arrange legally binding cohabitation agreements which ensure that, if a cohabitation relationship breaks down, one is entitled to a share of assets which were jointly funded.

  1. Children

The effect on the children is perhaps the most distressing consequence emanating from a failed family relationship. Family solicitors tend to work with lots of sympathy and discretion to make sure that the outcome of the family breakup works in favour of the children. This might involve application for a contact order, a joint residence order, or even a prohibited steps order. If you find yourself in such a situation, your family solicitor has to talk you through the available options and assist you to reach the most amicable decision.

  1. Divorce Proceedings

These constitute perhaps the most complicated family legal issues. The legal intricacies involved in the process of filing for divorce can be mindboggling and confusing at the same time. A family law solicitor will come in handy to help you go through the process more efficiently as well as achieve a favourable outcome for your own future wellbeing. This involves defending your entitlement to a reasonable share of the jointly acquired family assets or the pull and push involving who should have custody of the children.

  1. Domestic Violence

As much as domestic violence is a fairly rare phenomenon in the UK, several people still live under the ever present threat of being physically assaulted or intimidated by their spouses. No person should be subjected to such torturous fear. It is for this reason that one might need the services of a family law solicitor who is experienced enough in domestic issues. This way, you feel protected since, if need be, you can easily take appropriate legal steps that can protect you and your family.

  1. Collaborative Methods

In some instances, spouses might reach a common understanding that the best solve their issues to have a serious talk about them on a face-to-face engagement. Once the agenda for the meeting is set, you will need a family law solicitor to mediate the negotiations. The legal counsel will ensure that your legal rights are protected during the talks and even step in when attempts to reach an amicable agreement fail.

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