Are All Vehicles Covered by the Lemon Law?


Let’s start by understanding what exactly lemon laws are. The official American State Laws describes the concept of Lemon laws as being a form of remedy created especially to safeguard the rights of those interested car purchasers. This does not necessarily limit to vehicles specifically, but goes on to cover many other kinds of consumer goods. Lemon laws have been established by government institutes with the main objective to compensate for the fail in quality and performance of the products. Let’s be honest, defect can emerge in any nature of product – be it electrical appliances or large portions of machinery. However, experts mostly refer to the term, “lemon” only when they are referring to motor vehicles with a defect. Under this category, the list of motor vehicles covers motorcycles, SUVs, trucks and automobiles.

Following given are important details that one should know about the American Lemon laws

Defers from state to state

When it comes to lemon laws, they typically are different as they alter from state to state in America. Majority of the states in America identify Lemon laws. However, the rights covered in each of the states may or may not be the same. At the same time, such laws do not offer much room for these laws to wiggle around. Therefore, they are somewhat similar too. The significant differences typically lie in terms of what kind of vehicles are protected by Lemon laws. There are certain leased vehicles that may or may not be protected by lemon laws. Interested purchasers are therefore, advised to check out whether their vehicles are protected well before actually buying it.

Personal vehicles vs business vehicles

Apart from the above mentioned factor, there are some state lemon laws of America that only protect personal vehicles. When it comes to business-class or recreational-class vehicles, lemon laws may not necessarily be applicable. This is exactly why it is crucial for interested purchasers to understand what exactly Lemon laws are, especially within their states. For all you know, your vehicle may not even qualify for lemon laws. The number of repair attempts permitted under this particular law is also subject to the policies decided for each of the states.

Refund/Replacement policies

Individuals should be aware of the fact that if their motor vehicles are not protected by the lemon law of their respective state then they can apply for a refund or replacement of their vehicles. Although, each and every nature of problem may not necessarily be protected by this. For example, problems relating to your vehicle’s tires of brakes are not protected by Lemon Laws.

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