Are You a Victim of Med Malpractice (Baltimore)? Check by Studying This List of 6 Most Common Types of Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice sometimes occurs when a doctor, hospital, or other medical professional makes a mistake due to carelessness or negligence, according to the Law Offices of Randolph Rice. If you feel that you have likely been a victim of such an occurrence, Baltimore residents should consider seeking out professional legal help. Ask yourself if any of these common types of medical malpractice sound like what happened to you.

Poorly Designed Medical Products

Medical products that don’t perform like they’re supposed to are a common reason for seeking a medical malpractice case. In such a situation, the manufacturer will most likely be held liable. If they had any inkling that some part of the product or the entire thing was defective, you will have grounds for a suit.

Birth Injury

When a child is born, it should be cause for celebration, but if a doctor or another member of the hospital staff causes a birth injury, they should be held liable for it. Sometimes the prenatal care provided by an obstetrician proves insufficient, or some harm to the baby or the mother might occur after childbirth. Like any other form of potential medical malpractice, it will be the burden of the prosecution to prove culpability if the suit goes to trial.

Surgical Errors

Surgery always comes with some question marks, but there is still a standard of care that is expected. Many types of surgery-related medical malpractice can occur. The incorrect procedure can be performed. An improper amount of anesthesia might be administered, or non-sterile surgical equipment might be used, causing infection. Any of these might be cause to bring suit against a doctor or hospital.

Failure to Provide Proper Treatment

When a doctor diagnoses an illness or medical problem correctly but then they fail to treat it as industry standard dictates they should, that can be medical malpractice. Doctors need to be diligent with all of their patients. Any failure to do so is irresponsible on their part, and a patient is likely in their rights to pursue compensation.

Delay of Diagnosis

Sometimes a doctor will be unsure of a diagnosis, and while they delay in taking action, the condition worsens. That delay can cause pain, suffering, or even death. In the case of death because of delay of diagnosis, it will be the family that brings suit against the individual or entity responsible.


Misdiagnosis takes place reasonably often, and when it does, a patient might be in far worse shape by the time the error is detected. It the doctor says a patient has a disease and that turns out not to be the case, the treatment might prove even more harmful than if no medication was administered.   

Medical malpractice that takes place in Baltimore or elsewhere must always be taken seriously. Doctors, orderlies, and other medical professionals have a responsibility to treat their patients to the best of their abilities. If a lapse in attention or judgment leads to a harmful error, the aggrieved party should not be hesitant in seeking out compensation.  

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