Are You Currently Experiencing Professional Negligence


Does your financial advisor refuse to take your calls but continues to take your money? Or perhaps your financial advisor is intentionally making bad investments with your assets, resulting in a financial loss for you. There are several instances in which professional negligence can happen but not everyone knows whether he or she is experiencing professional negligence. Fortunately, there are legal ramifications for professional negligence and if you’re suffering from abuse by a professional, you’re entitled to pursue legal recourse.

What Is Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence is an issue in which a professional, whether in the financial industry or another industry, breaches his or her duty of care by neglecting his or her client. When a client hires a professional to complete a task or offer a service, the client expects a reasonable amount of professionalism. When the professional refuses to follow this expectation of professionalism, he or she is actively neglecting his or her client. Professionals have a duty of care for their clients and by failing to act professionally, they are breaching their duty of care.

What Is Duty of Care?

Professionals have a responsibility to prevent the client from being harmed when at all possible. A common type of failure to uphold duty of care is medical malpractice. When a doctor fails to take precautions into consideration to prevent the patient from being harmed, he or she is breaching his or her duty of care.

What Are the Types of Professional Negligence?

There are several different types of professional negligence. For financial advisors, duty of care is breached when the advisor makes dangerous investments with the client’s money that are both reckless and unreasonable and result in a financial loss. For solicitors, professional negligence might include making big mistakes that lead losing a case due to being unreasonable and unprepared.

People make mistakes and it can be unfair to expect completely perfect service. However, there is a big difference between accidentally making a minor mistake every once in a while and blatantly failing to uphold the duty of care. There are several different types of professional negligence and clients who are suffering from professional negligence are entitled to legal action.

Are You Experiencing Professional Negligence?

How do you know if you’re experiencing professional negligence? There are a few ways to find out whether the professional you’ve hired is breaching his or her duty of care to you. First, you can examine the outcome of your relationship with the professional. Have you taken a big loss due to an error on his or her part?

Perhaps you’re not sure whether a professional has made a blatant error because he or she is lying to you. In this instance, you should seek out some lawyers in Twickenham who can look at your situation and help you determine whether you’re suffering from professional negligence.

Good solicitors know how to find professional negligence when it’s happening so be sure to get a consultation if you’re concerned about being neglected by a professional in any industry. Good attorneys will be willing to help you until you get compensation for the losses you’ve incurred as a direct result of professional negligence.

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