Ask these questions – Before hiring attorney for your family law case


Selecting a lawyer to represent your family case could be among the most crucial decisions you will ever make. The more selective you’re in deciding on the very best family law lawyer for you, the more assurance you will have — at the representation. In the end, you need positive results for you and your kids. Needless to say, you wish to inquire how much you’re going to be billed for attorney services, how much for paralegal services, and if you’ll be charged, and just how much your retainer fee is needed. But do not make your decision based on costs.

Here is a couple of questions you need to ask before you think about hiring a particular attorney.

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Has the lawyer been sanctioned for an ethics violation?

Lawyers are held to high ethical standards as to how they practice law and also the customer support they provide to customers. Every state’s bar association governs its associates and, when required, subjects attorneys with sanctions to punish acts of professional misconduct.

Is the lawyer’s practice focused on family law?

The courts continue to interpret laws otherwise, and our legislatures are still passing on new legislation and alter current ones. Rules of civil procedure, local court rules and evidence change from one judge to another. After the lawyer’s legal practice is focused on family law, then the lawyer is currently in sync with emerging trends within the area. Case management is extremely tricky to streamline if the lawyer isn’t tuned into the controlling laws.

Will this attorney be handling your case, beginning to end?

Sometimes firms, the lawyer you meet in your first consultation isn’t the lawyer who’ll be representing you. Allowing your situation to be delegated to whoever owns a light schedule in the company this week isn’t being very discerning. Make certain to ask whether the attorney you’re interviewing will be the lawyer handling your case. Will some other attorney at the company be assigned to your situation once you have paid your retainer fee?

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