Car Accident Lawyer in Syracuse: Lawyers and Car Accident Claims


If a person suffered property damage or experienced injury in a car accident, they might be wondering how a lawyer can help them – or whether it is a great idea to try dealing with insurance companies and settle claims by themselves. While so much depend on the specifics, as well as the complexities of the case, in general, lawyers can:

Properly communicate the other party’s insurance company

Get the necessary evidence when it comes to liability

Organize the bills and medical records

Communicate with the health care providers to get missing records

Work with the physicians to ensure that they provide the necessary medical information needed to prove the damages in the insurance claim

Present and organize evidence to prove damages and liability

Negotiate and deal with the lien holders on the claim like disability, workers’ compensation and liability insurers to possibly reduce the amount of the liens

Negotiate a fair and satisfactory settlement with the defense lawyer and the insurance adjuster

Let’s take a closer look at the things mentioned above in-depth.

Properly communicate the other party’s insurance company

In most personal injury cases, lawyers usually open up a clear line of communication with insurance adjusters for the defending party or parties that were involved in the accident.  The adjuster has the necessary pocketbook, that is why the plaintiff’s attorney must have a clear line of communication and an excellent relationship with the adjuster.

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Get the necessary evidence when it comes to liability

A good attorney can help get all the necessary evidence needed to prove who is liable in a vehicle accident claim. Although you may already have taken photos of the accident scene, the attorney will go back to the scene to see what it looks like. While a picture might be worth a thousand words, actually seeing the accident scene can worth a thousand photos.

The attorney will ensure they get all the necessary accident reports related to the case and will speak with the investigating officers, as well as the eyewitnesses. An excellent attorney will leave no stones unturned when it comes to getting evidence of liability.

Organize the bills and medical records

It is where an excellent attorney can be very important to the case, especially when the victim suffered severe injuries related to the car accident. It is crucial to get all the necessary documents that are related to the damages. Still, it is not always that easy to get the records and bills from hospitals and health care providers even though they already have automated platforms to make the process a lot easier. Vehicular accident lawyers that are very active online, or have running Internet site can help people deal with accident problems.

Although the patient technically owns records, and they have the rights to get them, sending documents to the patient and lawyers is not the property of any health care provider. Clinics or small physicians’ offices may not have enough time, staff, or resources to respond to any medical record request from patients on a timely basis.

The big, established hospitals may have certain procedures that need to be followed in order for them to respond to medical record requests. If patients do not follow the hospital procedures, which they usually do not publicize, they will not respond to the patient’s request.

When the hospital, clinics, or other health care provider does react to a patient request, the records might be incomplete. Any lawyer’s paralegal or secretary will tell you that they usually have to request the exact records at least once and that they need to follow up regularly with the health care provider’s office.

And lastly, it might turn out that the physicians did not use the right words as the cause, prognosis, as well as the disability in their notes. In order to successfully win any kind of personal injury case or claim, the victim needs to prove it using medical evidence.

Negotiate and deal with the lien holders

If the victim received benefits from disability, workers’ compensation, or health insurer, the insurers will have a lien on their claim. A lien means the holder gets paid before the victim, out of the judgment, and any settlement the victim receives. An excellent attorney will work continuously with the holder to try and get them to reduce the lien. It is a very important job. Every penny less than the holder takes is one more penny that goes into the victim’s pocket.

Negotiate a fair and satisfactory settlement

And lastly, the attorney will help victims negotiate the settlement. Negotiating for a fair and right settlement is hard work. It needs specific skills, and they are always going to better ad settling car accident cases compared to people that do not have experienced healing with this type of situation. An excellent attorney knows how much the settlement in these types of cases and knows how to work it and conduct negotiations to get the best deal possible from the insurer.

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