Careless Driving and its Main Causes


Smart phones were called the main reason for careless driving. The study, which was carried out by driving instructors form Burlington found out that young drivers of nowadays are more likely to be engaged in risky behavior on the road than the previous generation. This fact is facilitated with an increased number of distractions that are available in modern cars today, and especially the use of smart phones while driving, bad example from the side of other drivers as well as the fact that young people appreciate their lives and lives of others less and less likely to think about possible consequences of car accidents.

More extended survey to study the causes of careless driving was organized by renowned tire manufacturer Goodyear with the assistance of the European Association of Driving Schools, the Guild and the Association of driving schools of the US. The survey was conducted among driving instructors from 12 countries in Europe, America and South Africa. More than a half (51%) of the respondents are confident that young people up to 25 years old need a longer preparation for the role of the driver than it is considered usual.

According to 43% of American and 63% of European instructors, current novice drivers grew up in a more dynamic and turbulent society and therefore tend to drive in a more dangerous manner than the previous generation. Today, novice drivers often exceed the speed (61% of the instructors are sure about that). Half of the instructors in Europe believe that the drivers up to 25 years are less likely to put into practice the knowledge they gained during the training right after obtaining a driving license. Moreover, 67% of European instructors believe that novice drivers under 25 years do not think about the consequences of the accidents. About half of the instructors (43%) are worried that novice drivers under 25 years are guided by the bad example of other drivers, who consider themselves invulnerable for some reasons. Seeing an examples of careless driving from other more experienced drivers, young people believe that nothing will happen to them as well. They lack a sense of responsibility and control: they believe that money can solve any problem.

Novice drivers are not aware of the extent of the road risks and erroneously believe that they will be able to cope with them. Lack of practice and experience, which, accordin

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