Dealing with the Aftermath of a Garbage Truck Accident


Also, due to the size and weight of a garbage truck, it’s a little more like a tank than an SUV in that it can plow through what’s in front of it. And that’s assuming it didn’t just get out of control and run through a red light. Here is how to deal with a garbage truck accident after it’s happened to you. 

Get to Grips with the Situation

The severity of a waste management vehicle getting into an accident can be something else! While the truck may just have jumped up onto the curb, it can still hit another vehicle or a pedestrian. Once it has happened to you, avoid going into denial mode. You’ll be in shock for sure. Certainly, garbage truck accidents leave you shaken because they’re capable of careening through a strong barrier and the front protruding apparatus can penetrate the windscreen of a car or SUV and keep going. It’s scary stuff but it’s over now. So, just try to clear your head, so you can handle the aftermath.

Assess Your Injuries

Injuries are difficult because, when they’re severe enough, you won’t necessarily know about them. Your body goes into shock to protect you and allow you to escape danger. It’s the true “fight, flight or freeze” scenario at play here. However, your body doesn’t know that you’re out of danger just because the garbage truck has stopped moving. But it’ll still be reacting instinctively to what has happened. Start with looking yourself over to see if you’re bleeding anywhere. If you are in pain, try not to move as you may make the injury worse. Wait until the first responders arrive on the scene to assess the extent of it.

Take Photos of What Happened

Grab some quick photos of the scene with your smartphone if it’s still working and you’re able to. If you’re not, ask a witness or another victim to take some photos for you and swap details to get a copy sent to your email. They’ll be needed later for insurance purposes. Also, talk with the police at the scene. They’ll need the accident reported before you go anywhere

Get Legal Representation

Depending on how much your life has been turned upside down, and what injuries or other problems have been created by the truck accident, the hospital and rehabilitation bill could be significant. If you’ve lost time off work and you’re paid by the hour, then you may be down a shift or two as well. 

You won’t know how to proceed with a legal claim or what a fair settlement looks like for your pain and suffering. Plus, there are specifics unique to garbage truck accidents and trucking in general that suggest hiring a lawyer with experience in those matters too. 

Waste management vehicles are some of the scariest because when they get into an accident, you sure know it. But when you handle it well, you get the best outcome.

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