Facts about Personal Injury Law That You Should Know


We all know that injuries are quite common in these days and when we meet with an accident through a third party cause, you have to get the compensation for the loss. Personal injury law is quite a prominent matter in British Columbia and there are hundreds of cases of personal injury that come into the limelight each day. When the people living in BC face with accidents due to car, motorcycle or for any cause, they claim for compensation. But, asking for the compensation is not just easy without the help from the legal representatives. Thus, the lawyer like Shawn Sidhu helps the candidates to claim for the loss from the third party.

ICBC injury lawyer specializes in the ICBC claims like the slip and the fall accidents or either any type of assaults in the public places. Shawn fights for the rights of the people who get affected by the injury. Along with it, he also works hard to obtain the settlement against the ICBC and other insurance agencies. He dedicatedly works for his clients so that they can receive the best possible solutions. To provide the best services to the victims, he has the mutual relationship with the reputed medical specialists as well.

Some cases of personal injury

  1. Car accident- it is one of the most common reasons of personal injury cases when the victim gets attacked by the third party on the road. Car accidents can mentally and physically break apart a person. It can be too much devastating.
  2. Pedestrian accident– Though pedestrians follow the rule of the road, they have some common liberties. Thus, at times, the rules are broken and accident happens.
  3. Bicycle accident– This is also a common type of personal injury where the victim can claim compensation from the third person who is responsible for the accident.
  4. Hit and Run– Here the victim gets hit by the third party and then flees from the area. This causes major problems at times.
  5. Apart from these, the personal injury also falls under the category of motorcycle and passenger injuries.

How does the ICBC personal injury lawyer help?

The ICBC is the insurance company that offers compensation money to the victims who faced the personal injury. Though, this insurance organization provides compensation to the candidates as it tries to reduce the compensation costs and the medical bill rates. This can create problems in the later times and the victims will also not get enough money for the loss. Thus, here the ICBC injury lawyer plays a very important role. He helps the clients to claim as much compensation from ICBC.

It is also great to hire the legal professionals as they are having many years of working experience and knowledge in this field. So, whenever you face personal injury, do not forget to take help from the lawyer.

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