Health: when to consult a lawyer in health law?


Health lawyers deal with all matters involving the medical, hospital or paramedical sector. He intervenes to advise, assist and defend his clients. Here is a comprehensive point about useful information to know about health lawyers.

What cases does the lawyer deal with in health law?

A competent lawyer for health care law treats all cases under the health law and medical law.

He advises patients, doctors and hospitals on the legal rules applicable to the health sector.

The laws and regulations forming the law of health are all combined in two codes: the Public Health Code and the Code of Medical Conduct.

Why consult a lawyer in health law?

A lawyer with expertise in health law can intervene in many areas. Its field of competence is generally very broad. For example, you can consult a health lawyer for related matters:

– At a medication or any other health product

– A medical responsibility of health professionals (doctors and hospitals) where such medical errors

– Social security

– A public health

– To occupational medicine.

Lawyers experts in health law are both competent for consulting and for litigation. Example of litigation: patient against doctor, patient against hospital, client / patient versus pharmaceutical laboratory, etc.

Before any litigation, the lawyer in health law begins mostly by an attempted amicable settlement of the dispute.

The lawyer in health law has another facet. He is also an expert in the field of the organization of health professions. He can advise some practitioners on their practice or the exercise of their profession.

When to consult a lawyer in health law?

It all depends on why you hire a lawyer who is an expert in health law. The general rule is to advise people to consult a health lawyer as soon as possible.

In the context of medical disputes, it is often advisable to try an amicable conciliation before resorting to a lawyer.

How to consult a lawyer in health law?

Here are some tips for choosing her health lawyer:

– Make sure the lawyer knows how business works like yours.

– Pay close attention to the geographical location of the lawyer. It is not very wise to choose a lawyer located 600 km from home.

– When you call the lawyer, ask if the lawyer is listening to you, seems to be available, understands your situation, is interested in your case or not. A lawyer must be available and at your disposal. These are the two most important criteria.

To avoid arriving as if unexpectedly in the lawyer’s office on the day of your first appointment, here are some tips for this first consultation to be effective: 1 / Prepare what you are going to tell him. You have to be clear, precise, and fairly concise. 2 / Prepare the questions you would like to ask the lawyer. 3 / Bring your file with the main documents.

How much does a lawyer in health law cost?

It is impossible to give an overall average cost for a lawyer in general, and for a particular health lawyer. The price will depend entirely on the nature of your business, its complexity and duration of processing. More your case will be long and complex to deal with, plus the cost of the lawyer entitled to health will be.

To give you still an order of magnitude, know that a first consultation costs around 150/200 euros. This price corresponds on average to the hourly rate charged by health lawyers.

Your lawyer will be able to propose to you a package adapted to your situation and your business the day of your first consultation with him.

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