How a Patent Attorney can really Help You with Your Patent


Intellectual property is – and has always been – a serious matter. Protecting your intellectual property is no joke, and if it is not done correctly, there can be some dire consequences. But how do you make sure that your IP is duly protected? By acquiring a patent, of course. Acquiring a patent is the best solution in order to protect your IP. And this is precisely where the services of an IP attorney comes in. Here’s how a patent attorney can really help you with your patent – in ways you would never have even expected.

How a patent attorney can help you

Basically, you need advice and the right kind of strategy in getting a useful patent for your IP. Needless to say, a patent attorney has other uses as well: they can help commercialise your intellectual property through a variety of opportunities for licensing, and they can also help you go around your competitors’ intellectual property rights. A patent attorney can help you defend any attacks against your intellectual property rights, as they are well-versed in the industry and can come up with ways and strategies in order to help you ‘stand your ground,’ as they say.

Additionally, here’s how an attorney can be of prime assistance: if you know more about your competitors’ IP rights, you will be able to make better decisions regarding your own IP, especially when it comes to the assessment and management of risks. A good patent attorney will help you conduct general intellectual property searches and give you reasonable advice based on the results. The attorney can also look into the intellectual property rights of specific competitors, and perform intellectual property audits for due diligence.

If you are planning to file a patent internationally or regionally (for example, within Europe), a European patent attorney specialising in patents in the region can help you make the right choices, such as whether you should only get a patent in the countries where you manufacture your product or whether it would be better to acquire patents in specific countries where you are planning to sell your particular product.

Filing a patent with the expertise of a patent attorney


Of course, the expertise of a patent attorney doesn’t end there. They are adept at all the administrative and practical tasks of filing a patent and will make sure that you get the best possible intellectual property patent for your needs. The preparation for the filing can be left to the hands of the attorney, as they can also file commercially-viable patent applications that are appropriate to your goals. It’s important that your claim’s scope is not narrow or insignificant, or too broad of a range to be at risk of dispute. There has to be the right balance – no loopholes should be evident with your patent which will allow competitors to take advantage – and this is where the patent attorney can really prove their worth.

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