How to work in Canada with Fast-Track Immigration Streams


Are you interested in working in Canada and applying for a permanent residency in this awesome country? If yes, you need to have a valid job offer from a designated employer in Canada. If you want to find work in Canada quickly, it is highly recommended that you go through the fast-track immigration streams of these designated employers.

The Express Entry is a system introduced in 2015 by the Canadian Government for the fast-track immigration process.  This is an online system to manage the applications for permanent residence in Canada, more efficiently.

The Fast track immigration program is a relocation program that can relocate you to Canada along with your family.

The candidates who become qualified get work permits and immediate entry to the country along with the dependent members of the family.  Later on, qualified applicants could apply for permanent residence in Canada.

A points-based system is used in Express Entry uses a points-based-system to evaluate the applicants.  Then the highest-ranking ones are selected based on the criteria of how well they could succeed economically in Canada and can be eligible for permanent residence.

The Fast track Canada immigration program is a relocation process that can relocate you to this beautiful country along with your family.

One of the main benefits of these immigration streams is that they help you get your work permits easily. In the absence of these streams, you may have to wait for months to get your work permit as your application goes through a LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) process.

Currently, there are quite a few fast-track immigration streams of employers that give you work permits in about 2 weeks from the date of application. Interesting, isn’t it? Here are 2 such highly popular streams that you can consider to find work in Canada.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

When companies in Canada’s Atlantic region (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island) aren’t able to fill their vacant positions with local, qualified Canadians, they invite applications from international applicants.

This program run by designated employers in the Atlantic region is classified into three categories – international graduate program, high-skilled program and intermediate-skilled program. 

You can look into the job openings in each of these categories and apply for the ones that match your experience and skill-set. If companies find you the right fit for their profiles, they will offer you the job. This job offer is your ticket to Canada!

The three major benefits of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program are:

  • No LMIArequired; therefore no delay in the entire process
  • Labor requirement is at an all-time high in the Atlantic Region, due to which jobs get filled quickly
  • Employees required to report urgently are even eligible to apply for temporary work permits

Global Skills Strategy

Local Canadian companies can hire highly-skilled international employees easily, thanks to this fast-trick immigration employer stream. If you apply for a job through this stream, you can expect your application to get processed quickly with exemptions in the work permit process as well.

Your applications will be processed, and you will have a job offer in just about two weeks provided you meet the following requirements:

For LMIA workers

  • You shouldn’t apply from within Canada
  • Employer hiring you should have LMIA from the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

For non-LMIA workers

  • You shouldn’t apply from within Canada
  • Your job should be categorized under Skill level 0 or Skill level A as described by the National Occupational Classification
  • The company must have given you the offer using the Employer Portal option and  must have paid the necessary compliance fee as well

The Global Skills Strategy is a very popular stream currently because it has helped the economy of Canada grow by hiring top talent from across the world without any red-tapism in the process. 

You can go through these designated employer streams carefully to understand the skill level classifications and job profiles. This will help you find your dream job in Canada quicker than you expected.

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