Learning More about Immigration Services


Immigration law in the UK is not only complex but it also represents some of the most essential legislation in the country’s history. The law are updated regularly and changes are noted in the Immigration Rules.

The best immigration legal services in Leeds stringently follow the Immigration Rules when advising clients. The Immigration Rules covers a number of categories that are significant to the people who wish to immigrate to and reside in the UK. These Rules assist lawyers in advising their clients and handling the pertinent paperwork.

What Immigration Rules Cover

Immigration Rules cover some of the following subjects:

  • Leave to enter to stay in the country
  • Transitional provisions for visitors to the UK
  • Provisions for people who seek to enter or remain in the country for academic reasons
  • Working experience – such as people working in an au pair placement arrangement
  • Working in the UK permanently
  • Self-employment and business – people who wish to enter or remain in the country as a self-employed worker or a business person
  • Grounds for refusal
  • Family members who immigrate
  • Temporary protection
  • Asylum

Know Your Status and Your Rights

As you can see, there are several areas that are covered in the area of immigration, all the more reason to seek out the services of a professional lawyer in this respect. Know your rights in this regard and seek legal counsel if you need it.

Rights and rules also refer to deportation and conditions for employment for specific workers as well as points needed for attributes for applicants. It can, needless to say, get rather complicated when you are trying to immigrate to the UK.

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