Let’s Get to Know About the Accident lawyer


Many of us own a car these days, but do we know what to do if it comes to maintaining its security? Have you insured it? If yes, is it so comfortable for you to claim or recover at times when it is damaged as an impact of an incident? The answer is no. Although you have insurance, you may not be completely tense free.

Most likely if you agonize a car accident, you will be in big confusion and overcome by the actual situation of the circumstance. Mostly you might be stuck in the middle of the road, concerned about the property damage of the vehicle or worried how to get to home or at work. When you wear off the first shock, so many questions come to your mind as to how your car is going to be fixed, treat your injuries or pay off your medical bills.

Cons of insurance adjusters

  • The insurance companies or the insurance adjusters do not guide you to the mark.
  • They are not out for your best interest and are employed to prevent companies that they work for from spending money. They are just busy making money off your premiums. They delay, deny and don’t pay.
  • They only contact you shortly after an accident and try to collect the information and make a record of it so that it will be used to build their file.
  • They twist even the simple answers to reduce your claim
  • They may use your previous medical history to claim that you had a pre-existing medical condition and hence reduced your claim.

Are you suffering from a severe accident? Are insurance companies ignoring you or disputing your claim? Are your injuries intimidating to keep you out of work?

So why not hire a lawyer rather of getting trapped by the insurance companies. The Miami car accident lawyer is the best option in this regard. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Miami can help you navigate these uncertain legal waters and protect your rights to compensation. At the Dante law firm, they realize that your main concern is getting better and recovering from the incident. They handle all aspects of your claim and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf so you can focus on your health and family.

The law firm understands how to help you in getting your car repaired, obtain a rental car and find medical treatment for your injuries and they do so by making sure that all your out of pocket expenses and medical bills are paid for. The lawyers don’t want to see you get stuck with any of the bills after the incident. They also understand that the At-fault parties are held responsible for their actions.

For over two decades the personal injury lawyer at the Dante firm have been helping injured accident victims, and their families fight the insurance companies and obtain the compensation they deserve. They provide personal attention to each client.

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