Main Services of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Henderson NV


Lately, there has been a spike in the number of motorcycles on the roads of Henderson NV. The bikes are popular among the younger generation. It is, however, a risky mode of transport. Compared to other means, motorcyclists are twice as likely to get into an accident. The fatality often leads to severe injuries, life-threatening conditions or death.

Services of a Personal Injury Attorney

Motorbikes do not have protective features such as those of vehicles. The only safety a rider has is their helmet, knee, and elbow pads. When an accident occurs, the passenger is readily exposed. The likelihood of both the motorcyclist and the motorbike getting damaged is high. It is recommended for the riders to have insurance cover for such accidents and lawyers to follow-up on a claim for compensation. Following are the services offered by a personal injury lawyer henderson nv.

Conducting an Investigation and Gathering Evidence

Firstly, a lawyer will need to analyze the incident by talking to the first responders, looking at police records, and witness statements. The lawyer can get a team of experts to reconstruct the accident and review security camera footage if any. Afterward, the attorney compiles their accident report.

Building a Case for Restitution

The lawyer must show, beyond doubt, that the accident victim has the right to get compensated for injuries sustained. The lawyer does this by referring to the provisions of the state law in Henderson NV. When the cause of the accident is outside the rider’s control, the establishment of restitution is less stressful. The argument is straightforward when the mainspring of the crash is the third party. For instance, a drunk driver, unroadworthy vehicle, failure to observe traffic rules and so on.

Determining the Worth of the Claim

Motorcycle accident attorneys have to consider the specific injuries in question alongside the medical expenses incurred. It is the lawyer’s job to work out the cost of the investigation, evidence collection and other expenditure involved in pursuing compensation for the victim. He adds his legal fees and proposes the total amount to the client. Upon approval by the client, he presents the figures in court to demand restitution.

Advising the Accident Victim Whether to Take the Case to Trial or not

In rare situations, the client may dispute the compensation amount offered. When this happens, the accident attorney reviews the statistics of the argument by the defendant. He then issues a directive to the client based on expert judgment. The attorney has to examine the options available critically. Accident lawyers primarily gauge the probability of winning the case at trial versus taking the restitution offered.

All in all, personal injury attorneys have the moral duty to accord victims of accidents the best representation under the law. They are relied on to inspect the specifics of an accident scenario and file legal proceedings for a compensation claim. Accidents victims also trust that the attorney’s experience in handling such cases will weigh the pros of taking the payment offered against going to trial.

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