Maximizing Your 2018 VA Disability Rates


The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) regularly updates the VA Compensation rates to match the increasing cost of living in the country. All disabled veterans with medical conditions related to their services are entitled to compensation. Once they apply for VA disability, they undergo an exam to determine the severity of their condition and then were assigned a rating that corresponds to the exact amount the veteran receives.

2018 VA Disability Rates

VA disability rates for 2018 increased by 2% effective December 01, 2017. This was the most substantial increase since 2012 especially after the minuscule increment of 0.3% last year and flat change in 2016. Veterans with a disability rating of at least 10% are eligible to receive up to $3,527.22 per month that is tax-free. The federal government also publishes VA disability charts annually to help them determine the financial assistance they are entitled to receive.

Maximizing Your VA Disability Rating

Preparation is the key to get the best possible VA disability rating. Some factors will increase the total monthly compensation you are bound to receive, depending on whether you have a child or a spouse or a parent who is currently living with you. However, those with a VA rating from 10% to 20% will receive a fixed payment regardless of their situation.

Carefully gather all the needed evidence to support your claims since the rating is solely dependent on the documents you presented. Do not submit the originals as copies will do. You will also need them when a dispute happens, and you have to file for a disability case.

Why Should You Hire a VA Disability Attorney?

Just because you submitted a VA Disability application means this will be automatically approved. There are thousands of denied applications, and only the help of a skilled VA Disability attorney can handle your claim with ease. Majority of the clients also committed mistakes in applying or seeking help from unqualified people.

You may also be frustrated with the process but hiring the services of an attorney can expedite your application faster. They will take care of the procedure for you, and you no longer have to follow-up with the VA office. We will do this in your stead.

What Can VA Disability Attorneys Do for You?

Veterans with simple claims may apply without our help. Depending on your circumstances, you may need the help of an attorney to gather all the evidence required for your VA disability rating. Every veteran wants to maximize his monthly compensation benefits. This is where we excel.

We will gather all the evidence necessary for your VA disability benefits to back your claim. Your rating depends on the strength of the papers you presented. We know the exact document you need. VA disability attorneys also prepare the paperwork to avoid mistakes in application.

Hiring us will also strengthen your file for appeals and submit these accurately and efficiently.

Seeking Legal Help

Marasco and Nesselbuch LLP has spent years of researching VA disability laws and helping veterans get the best out of their VA disability compensation. Get legal advice from one of our lawyers the moment you place a call in our office.

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