Mediators Helping Hand – Deal Management Platform


Deal: the buyer agrees to buy, consume, possess, the product or services corresponding to their needs and the seller who agrees to sell, lend or transfer ownership of the product or services corresponding to their offers may be considered collectively. as “Deal”. The vague term can extend beyond the horizons and can be easily applied to most of the products or services that we find in our daily lives. The agreement may refer to a “field agreement” or may be an “automobile agreement”. The business concept has a probable buyer and seller.

The agreement must be commercial and technically feasible and, sometimes, the buyer and the seller do not have the appropriate information or knowledge with respect to a particular clause of the agreement they subscribe to. The practical and global practice is to have an intermediary that is knowledgeable and knowledgeable of both parties, that is. the buyer and the seller. Acts as a facilitator to ensure that the buyer and the seller meet and agree on common transaction parameters that offer a WIN WIN preposition. The Facilitator (Agent) therefore deserves the operational right to charge a commission for its board of directors. It acts as a bridge between the two parties giving them the necessary trust and the virtual guarantee to execute the agreement.

The agent creates the platform for two parties to share their needs and corresponding offers. He takes the initiative to ensure the availability of documentation, to put into practice the legal provisions, to work the best advertisements, the authenticity of the information on behalf of the buyer and the seller. The facilitator carries out the matching process for the buyer and the seller by saving valuable time and making available the right products and services at the right price and when they need it most. The nature of the agreement determines the amount of complexity involved in the transaction. Also the authorities involved, deal management platform and the time to conclude the agreement vary according to the geography and the type of transaction. The commercial size of the agreement makes it vital for the buyer to authenticate the offers from the well-known mediator, thus minimizing the risk involved and expanding the dependence of the seller and the mediator. A similar scenario is true for the seller to ensure proper valuation and to minimize the risk of making the agreement profitable

Main challenges in the industry:
A) Unorganized industry B) High geographical spread C) Low literacy rate D) Lack of technological awareness

The buyer’s worries
a) You must obtain the best product or service at the best price and the best quality b) The treatment must be profitable c) Transaction without complications in terms of paperwork and legality d) The risk involved must be lower e) Credit is required

Seller’s concerns
a) You must enter a profitable business b) Transaction free of problems in terms of paperwork and legality c) The risk involved must be lower d) Recovery of payments must be fast

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