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In some life situations, we are forced to take legal advice. A legal advisor is a person who provides legal assistance services, and in particular gives advice on legal consultations. The difficulty in finding a competent and trusted lawyer and high prices of advice do not encourage you to visit a law firm.

Free legal advice is available to those who cannot afford to pay for a criminal defense lawyer. Often, free legal assistance offered by various institutions and the state is inadequate.

Legal advisor and lawyer?

Both legal advisor and lawyer are related professions. The basic difference between a solicitor and a lawyer concerns the possibility of pursuing a profession while remaining in an employment relationship. A solicitor has the option, the lawyer does not. A solicitor also has the opportunity to act as a defense lawyer in criminal and penal-fiscal trials. In this case, the legal counsel cannot be at the same time in an employment relationship.

Free legal advice

Anyone can apply to these addresses to get free advice from legal counsel in Krakow. The difficulty in finding a competent and trusted lawyer and high prices of advice do not encourage you to visit a law firm.

Many people are considering choosing a lawyer, choosing between a lawyer , a legal advisor or a legal advisor . What are the differences between these professions?

At the moment, the differences between the lawyer’s and legal advisor’s professions are very small. The only difference is that solicitors can work as a full-time employee and then have no right to act as a defense lawyer. A visible difference is the toga worn in court – councilors wear togas with blue elements, and attorneys with green ones.

The office conducts defense in criminal matters

In accordance with the Act on Legal Advisors and the Act on the Bar, legal advisors and lawyers are obliged to have compulsory insurance against civil liability. This obligation is controlled, and failure to pay insurance may lead to the removal of legal counsel or attorneys from the list.

The profession of a legal advisor is performed on the basis of the Act on the freedom of economic activity. At present, the law does not make the profession of a legal advisor dependent on education and does not otherwise regulate the performance of this profession from conditions other than those envisaged for the majority of economic activities, therefore the advisor may be a person with any education.

The law provides for the award of costs of legal representation provided by a legal adviser or lawyer in case of winning the case, which consists of lawyer’s fees and expenses, in many cases the party represented by the legal advisor or lawyer will recover the lawyer’s costs if won.

When should you get help from a legal counsel?

Whenever we need legal advice, we should use legal assistance when we want to prepare a pleading, an official letter, a contract, know your rights or get help in assessing your legal situation. Tips on the internet seem simpler and cheaper, but we do not really know if the description is complete and applies to our situation.


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