Professional License Issues – How can a Lawyer Help?


If you’ve recently been hit by a complaint and are feeling like things are hopeless, you shouldn’t. Know that there are legal professionals that are there to help. These are referred to as professional licensure attorneys and are not the most well-known in the profession. But they understand this area of law better than anyone and could help you keep your license and allow you to keep making a living in your field. Let’s take a look at what professional licensure lawyers do and why you should work with one.

What do Professional License Lawyers Do?

The role of professional license attorneys is to protect and defend their clients against investigations, complaints, and other licensing issues. Professional license lawyers handle things related to grievance complaints, administrative law, ethics complaints, licensure, and more.

State Licensing Boards

Professional license lawyers are experts in administrative law, which is a very specific and complex area of law. This deals specifically with laws governing the regulation and administration of government agencies. Professional license lawyers need to understand administrative law because state licensing organizations are administrative in nature.

Licensing boards play an essential role and make sure that professionals are qualified in their role. They also have rules to protect the public. The Bar organization is an example of a licensing board. Licensing boards also play an omnipresent role in fields like healthcare.

Professional license attorneys know how to navigate the rules and regulations these boards set forth and make sure that any action against you is warranted. 

Defending Your License

There is a set procedure for every time someone files a complaint against a licensee. The board will first need to be notified and they will follow up with an investigation. A complaint and investigation could be disastrous and mean the end of your practice. Licensing boards have the power to impose disciplinary action on licensees which can range in severity depending on the case.

Only a professional license attorney will have the expertise needed to help you keep your license and fight your case. If you want to know more about what they can do, we suggest you check out You’ll not only learn how they can help but the kind of actions that could lead to your license being in jeopardy.

They will be able to help you if your license is being threatened with probation, revocation, or suspension. They will also be able to explain what each of these entails and what the consequences could be for the future. 

Another case where a professional license lawyer could help is for the obtention or renewal of a license. For instance, a criminal conviction may make it difficult for certain people to get a license in some industries, but a lawyer could help you find a way to work around these limitations.

As you can see, there are tons of ways in which a professional license attorney can be useful. If you’re facing license issues, we suggest you speak with one today and see how they could help.

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