Questions to Ask When Selecting a Personal Injury Lawyer in Pasadena


All of the commercials you see on television with lawyers describing how they help personal injury victims can seem very annoying, especially during one of your favorite shows. Once you find yourself in the position as a victim of personal injury, the appeal of the commercials increases. You want a personal injury lawyer in Pasadena who will win a large amount of money for your pain and suffering. You may also feel that the person or organization who caused the problem should feel some pain as a result of your payout.

It is important to understand that the attorney you choose will earn 1/3 of what she wins for you. If you do not win, she gets nothing. This arrangement tends to motivate a personal injury lawyer in Pasadena to work very hard to win your lawsuit. On the other hand, if she wins a $1 million settlement, you walk away with $667,000.

Despite the availability of many personal injury lawyers in the region, perhaps because of the potential for high earnings, it is important to do some research before you retain one. Find out the lawyer’s experience in your particular injury and his record in winning. Is he as good at gaining a large settlement as he is at litigating in court? Does he understand the psychological impact of personal injury, especially if it was the result of sexual abuse? Can the attorney help you calculate the potential losses from your inability to work in your former career? Does he know how to add punitive costs to that dollar figure?

Also you should learn whether the lawyer knows how to work with insurance companies. Does he know a “lowball” settlement offer when he sees one and can he advise you of such? Can he use a carrot and stick approach to make sure that the insurance company pays out the maximum?

Before you retain a personal injury lawyer in Pasadena, get answers to the above questions.

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