Reasons Why You Should Consider Using the Perfect Portal Tool


Modern technology has greatly changed how every business works these days. With the help of the internet, anything can now be automated. Even the communication solution platform for conveyancers & lawyers are now available. Gone are the days when you have to send emails or make phone calls to your clients or any parties involved in a project. All of the legal services that you need can now be done using this very helpful software.

The solution to your problem is a software from Perfect Portal!

Perfect Portal is a small UK company that became a global business and they now have offices both in the UK and Australia. This company developed a Conveyancing & Legal Software. What the company has made is the solution to new business management. This is an all-in-one tool for automated updates for all of the parties involved in a transaction. Everything can be done in this single software. If you are interested to know more about this, then here are the reasons why and how Perfect Portal can make your business transactions easy for you:

Instant Estimate.

This is one of the most useful tools in this software. This button will let your prospective client get a quick quote of the services that they need. This feature can also let you receive the potential clients’ information even if you are not online.

Open Line Of Communication.

The Key Stage feature will let you update and automate workflows. This will also let you proactively communicate with anyone that is involved in a process. There’s no more need for you to make calls or send emails to update your clients and everyone who is part of this process.

Fast Conversions.

The Convert button will let you manage new leads and send follow-ups easily and quickly. There’s no more need for you to assign this to your assistant since the software will do this on your behalf.

Manage Easily.

Perfect Portal has an interactive dashboard that will let you manage and monitor the performance not only of your firm but also of your referrers. This will help you make informed decisions that can be a huge factor in your business growth.

So, Why Use Perfect Portal?

Now that you know why many firms prefer to use Perfect Portal, it is time for you to ask yourself why you should use it too. All you have to remember is that Perfect Portal is specifically designed for you to make all of your transactions transparent with all the parties involved in the process. You can monitor everyone on your team even without talking to them personally. This app is not only helpful to you or your referrers, but also to your clients who can access updates anytime they want. Perfect Portal can be used as a standalone solution, or alongside your other practice management systems.

With the legal services these days, everyone involved wants to know what’s happening with the process from start to finish. This is why transparency is very important. This is what Perfect Portal can do for you. Everything that you need to do can now be done using a single software. Be one of the firms who are now benefiting from Perfect Portal. from Fast, easy, and convenient!


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