Tips on How to Avoid a Second DUI Charge


It is terribly distressing to be pulled over for a DUI. There are several reasons you got pulled over and, if you have been drinking, you will be caught. Understanding how to work out better driving when under a mild influence of alcohol might go a long way toward avoiding a second DUI charge.

The Basics

  • Keep your car in good condition, with plates up to date and any damages repaired. This lessens the likelihood that you will get pulled over in the first place.
  • Always follow traffic laws. This may seem like you are reading the obvious and it doesn’t need to be stated, but it is actually common for drivers to slack on basic traffic laws.
  • Know that any amount of drinking will slow your reaction time and, overall, can and will eventually lead you to a second offense which may be tougher to avoid than the first.

What to Do After an Arrest for a Second Offense?

  • The very first step once you are released is to contact a qualified DUI attorney from a local firm such as Romano Law, P.C.
  • Have the lawyer you consult with explain this whole situation to you clearly. Ask all the questions you need about how this charge could or could not be avoided.
  • You may want to attend a treatment center for alcohol or drug abuse. If this is a problem for you, getting help will show the courts something which actually might get you to avoid the charges.

Best Advice

To find the best advice you can get about second DUI violations in your state. The advice all comes from the attorneys. You won’t get the advice you need from friends or websites. Articles are good, but the legal consultation provides the way out of a bad situation.



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