Top 5 Incidences Covered by Personal Injury Law


Personal Injury is the physical harm and emotional distress caused due to rash driving of a car, bus or truck driver. It does not include the loss of materials or damage to property. The sufferer, according to Michigan No-fault law, is entitled to compensation for these losses caused due to the other driver’s negligence. If you are thinking of going to Michigan car crash lawyer for compensation of your loss, it is better to know in detail about the personal injury.

A personal injury is divided under various heads to cover extensively all types of losses one goes through when a car or motor crash occurs. The incidences covered under the personal injury are:

  • Accident caused by car, bus, truck, motorcycle

If you are hit by any of these vehicles, you can take the offender to court to get compensation.

  • Boating accidents and railroad accidents

Accidents happened in water and on rail road amounting to severe physical injury qualify for personal injury court case.

  • Animal Attacks

The owner of a dangerous animal such as dog, cat, snake, leopard etc is responsible for compensating the victim if the pet mauls the latter and cause him physical and mental trauma

  • Premises liability

If due to the negligence of premise owner (like not putting relevant information on risky areas), fall from building or hitting the glassy wall or surface occurs, the victim can move to the court for compensation

  • Apartment Premise Slips

Not only falling from the building, but slips and falls within the premises are also covered under personal injury law. Such slips and falls, though look small, can cause bone and joint injury forcing the person to go for bed rest for months.

So, be aware of your rights when accidents occur and leave you in terrible position – mentally and physically. Contact the car crash lawyer to find how you can minimize your loss by claiming compensation.

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