Top Tips for Hiring a New Jersey Freehold Criminal Lawyer


The service of a lawyer is indispensable in many situations. 

Representation by a lawyer who is highly skilled can often translate into a 

positive outcome. 

So, if you are looking for a way to hire a Freehold New Jersey criminal 

defence lawyer, there are several important things you want to consider. 

The following are our tips on what you need to look for in selecting the 

best attorney to defend you case in Freehold. 

  • Certification 

In New Jersey, this is highly important. Before you can become 

certified as a certified criminal trial attorney by the New Jersey 

Supreme Court, you must have: (1) handled a significant number of 

criminal cases; (2) completed jury trials involving this area of law; (3) 

completed required continuing legal education; and (4) been licensed 

to practice law and in good standing for at least 5 years. These criteria 

result in less than 2% of the attorneys in the state holding a 

certification as a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. 

  • Credentials 

Before you hire a lawyer to defend your Freehold criminal charges, 

check their credentials. You need to make background findings on the lawyer as you are planning to hire their services. You need to know their educational background as well as the area of expertise.

The credentials of a lawyer boost the confidence level of a prospective client. You can check their disciplinary record. When you check their credentials through the state disciplinary organization, you would know about their licenses and consumer complaints.

  • Experience 

Experience is believed to be the best teacher. Therefore, don’t just go ahead to hire any criminal lawyer in Freehold without taking the time to

know more about their experiences in the field. You must know if they 

have handled similar cases in the past. Experience builds confidence for 

lawyers. An experienced lawyer knows how to handle a case and will 

let you know the possible outcome of your situation. 

  • Cost 

Before you hire the services of a lawyer in Freehold, you need to 

consider your budget. There are many good Freehold criminal lawyers 

in New Jersey; however, the cost of their services may be out of your 

reach. Therefore, before approaching any lawyer or law firm, ensure 

you know their fees structure – flat fee or hourly fee. You need to 

discuss the estimated cost of your case. Some lawyers’ charges are 

high while some lawyers’ charges are affordable. 

  • Comfort level 

Another essential thing you need to consider is the comfort level you 

will get when working with a particular lawyer. When you meet a 

lawyer, you need to know if you are comfortable telling them your 

personal information or not. During the conversation, you need to be 

sure if the Freehold criminal lawyer has an interest in your case. When 

a lawyer picks interest in a case, the lawyer would put in their best 

effort to win the case. 

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