Truck accidents and the need for lawyers


Truck accidents and news related to them are not something that we hear very often. But that does not mean that things like that don’t happen. Truck accidents are a result of the following,

  • If the truck owners have neglected to act as per the rules and regulations
  • Carelessness on the part of the driver while driving
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Improper maintenance of the truck parts like brakes, gears etc
  • Lack of proper training or ability
  • Behavioural defects of the driver
  • Carrying load more than the limit
  • Driving in illegal venues and a bunch of other reasons.

But when we meet with a truck accident most of us fall into the state of dilemma succeeding the event. We may not know what to do

Half the population doesn’t know how to deal with the accident if it takes place. Having a basic knowledge will always be handy. The below tips will help you in handling an accident better.

Deal truck accidents with ease

  • Confirm that you are alright.
  • Report to the police or call 911 once you recover your consciousness.
  • Stay in the area where the accident happened and wait till the police arrive.
  • Try communicating with other drivers and collect evidence which will later help you in your case.
  • Use your phone to click sufficient pictures and videos for proving your stance.
  • Call your owner and inform the situation.
  • File a claim with the insurance company or hire a lawyer. Consult a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer and try to get your compensation. However, it is better to consult your lawyer and then inform the insurance company.

Situations under which you can claim

  • When one is hit by a truck and is suffering from severe injuries, he will be forced to take a leave from his daily life. In such a situation he has to forgo his job or salary. Then he can expect to receive a compensation.
  • If you are injured during your job hours you can file a claim under workers compensation.
  • Supposing you have met with an accident and the driver does not have a licence. You can still claim your loss which is caused to you.
  • Another situation is when you have some mental disturbances. Following the event, you may experience some severe trauma or fear. This can be claimed as well.
  • Imagine that you are driving through your car. Unfortunately, you get hit by a fourteen wheeler. You luckily escape with some scratches. But your car has been damaged heavily. Then you can file a case.
  • If you have met with some serious physical injuries that have paralysed you from meeting your daily chores. In that case, you can consult your lawyer and file a case.
  • If the person who caused accident died. You can claim from his or her heir.

According to the statistics, nearly 500,000 accidents take place in a year in countries like the USA. The way we handle the accidents actually matters a lot. So hire or consult a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer as quickly as possible. Claim your compensation amount with their help.

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