Types Of Immigration Law Firm In Toronto To Avoid


It is important that you choose a good immigration attorney for your assistance as he or she can make a huge difference in your legalities. Sometimes people fail to find honest professionals who can assist them with their immigration complications. Whereas there are people who even fall prey to lawyers who overcharge for even the simplest of the services and fail to offer help as they promised. Hence, you need to know more about us to decide better.

While you might be aware of the features of a good lawyer to hire, you might not know how frauds can fool you for the money. Below discussed are types of lawyers you need to avoid.

  • From Immigration Offices:

The best thing is to avoid lawyers from the immigration offices. They might claim to belong to the best immigration law firms, but they might be nothing more than a visa consultant or petition preparer. Hence, you need to be looking out for the real lawyers who would assist you with the case in a real way. The moment you ask a few questions to the lawyer pertaining to your case, he or she should be able to guide you in the best possible manner. The moment you find him to bluff with details, you should be doing a rain check.

  • Unethical Advice:

No matter how tempting the offer might be, there is no need to go for it. Any lawyer who offers you with any unethical advice is the one who will back out if you ever get caught in a serious situation. Also, what is a point in going for the immigration in an unethical manner and ruin your chances of getting a good citizenship offer in the future? So, it is best to avoid unethical practitioners and go for the genuine immigration lawyer.

  • Illegal Offers:

Everyone comes with an understanding to spot something fishy in any deal. Similarly, no matter how tricky your situation is, you need to keep your cool and look through the work experience of the immigration law professional. When you have been clear orders of rejection, you might at the most try to extend your living status in the country. But, if someone claims to offer you a permanent status through illegal means, then you need to be wary. You might simply wreck your chances of working in the same country in the future.

  • Unrealistic Expectations or Fake Promises:

Some attorneys are brilliant speakers and they tend to rope in a client with all the dreamy things they talk about. One would surely go for the offers they have to offer. But, when you know that in your situation, you have no way out and yet the professional claims to offer you the citizenship status or work permit, then you need to relook at the services. It is possible that they might charge you with a huge amount for the assured citizenship. Hence, you need to be careful of the same.

No matter how tough your situation is it is possible that if you approach the right immigration law firm in Toronto, the experts might come up with a solution. Also, if they do not have the solution, they will communicate the truth to you.

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