What Are The Different Types Of Fraud Case That Lawyers Can Help You With?


Fraud occurs when criminals gain money and other advantages through deception. These are serious crimes and thousands of people are affecting by this every year. You need to know about the different types of fraud so that you will not end up becoming a victim. What are the various types of fraud cases that an experienced lawyer can help you with?

When Your Bank Details Are Obtained Illegally

Some people fall victim to “phishing” scams where emails ask the recipient to send their bank details. These scams usually have elderly people as their main victims because they do not fully understand the implications of giving out their bank details. The emails will often tell the recipient that they have won a prize and it needs to be claimed as soon as possible.

The other type of phishing emails will infect the user’s computer with malware or ransomware that acquires their bank details and then empties the victim’s account completely. When this happens you should contact your bank immediately. Then you should contact a criminal law specialist in Yorkshire so they will help you to press charges against whoever is responsible for what has happened. This can have a devastating impact on your life, so the sooner you get this sorted out the better.

When Someone Assumes Your Identity

People can assume your identity for a number of reasons. Usually, this is because they want to access your personal information such as bank details. They might also assume your identity because they have committed a crime previously and they are trying to flee the country with a false passport under your name. This is a serious offence and you will want to hire a lawyer to make sure that these people are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

When Someone Comes To Your Door Pretending To Be A Police Officer

Some people commit fraud by assuming the identity of a police officer. Many people will assume that they are legitimate when they come to the door, so they will comply with the “police officer’s” demands. This can have serious consequences, and it means that you could be conned out of money or valuables.

When Your Company Is Conned By A Fake Business Transaction

Fraudsters don’t just target individuals. They also look to target businesses as well. A favourite tactic of fraudsters at this level is to set up fake companies which seek to do business deals with legitimate companies. These fraudsters may hire fake premises and loan expensive cars to give the impression that they are successful. In reality, they are trying to trick you into handing over large amounts of money or property rights.

The fraudsters will then disappear overnight once they have got what they need. You can hire specialist lawyers who deal with business fraud on a regular basis.

You need to hire a specialist lawyer who can help you win your fraud case.

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