What Can A Family Lawyer Do For You?


There are many types of civil cases handled in court every day. Typically, they are conflicted over money. The people involved may be individuals, institutions or businesses. The situations range from simple to complex ones, but one of the most famous civil cases perhaps are family cases. When it comes to family cases, the issues also branch out widely, one thing is typical though. It often involves spouses. The best family law attorney in Houston handles different problems ranging from divorce, custody, and division of assets. These are the most common; however, this article will discuss the less popular cases handled by a family attorney.

Change of Name

It is not common, but there are several instances where a child requests for legal change of name. Change of name varies from changing the last name to take the mother or father’s surname or changing the child’s first name. The legal guardian of the minor may make the request, or if the client is an adult, he may do so himself. It is not as simple as it looks as though, there are specific qualifications one has to undergo to have a change of name. To make things simpler, hiring a family lawyer to handle matters for you is a lot easier and more straightforward. All you need to do is to comply with the requirements and present yourself in court when required.

Termination of Legal Rights

This case is common when either or both parents have problems with the kid in question. The most common reason for parental right termination is neglect, abandonment or abuse. The family court has the right to do so and award legal guardianship or custody to any relative or anyone who wishes to become the child’s parent by creating a legal process. It is also applicable when the adopted parents find any valid reason why the child’s biological parents should not have any rights over him.

Juvenile Issues

Juvenile concerns do not only mean abuse of the kid by an adult. A family attorney specializes in working with minors who conflict with the law due to illegal behavior.  Other types of growing concern are when a minor, under the age of fourteen is seeking for a work permit. The District Attorney’s Office often handles these types of cases. It is advisable to find counsel from a family lawyer for these concerns so they can aid you with whatever assistance you will be needing and to ensure that the case gets the right attention.

Request for Protection

Whether you are an adult or a minor, if you are a victim of any form of domestic abuse, it is a family attorney who can help you get justice and protection at the same time. A lot of Americans do not report internal violations due to fear that it would just become worst. The truth is, if you ask help from the right people, you could save yourself from any form of domestic abuse, and you could also help others going through the same case as yours. Seek help from an expert attorney so you will know how to proceed with your concern.

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