What Causes a Mesothelioma Lawsuit?


People suffering from Mesothelioma have the best chance of winning a lawsuit with the help of the best mesothelioma lawyers. Through a class-action lawsuit, they can demand compensation for the significant damages that asbestos exposure has caused. These claims will include the details about the severe diseases that were brought by the toxic asbestos exposure. Among these are:

  • Asbestosis – a severe respiratory condition
  • Lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma – cancer of the protective lining of the lungs, heart, or stomach

Corporations that rely heavily on the use of asbestos know of the dangers it poses. Despite this, their workers are still exposed to the hazards of asbestos due to the call of profits and convenience.

What Prompts An Asbestos Lawsuit?

Asbestos lawsuits that are filed by workers who were exposed to high levels of asbestos almost on a regular basis for weeks or even years. There are also cases when the basis for the lawsuit is when people get exposed to asbestos during a home or public building demolition or renovation.

Asbestos can also contaminate homes when employees exposed to the substance carry it through their shoes, work clothes, or hair. Such exposure can eventually lead to damaging their health.

How Asbestos Lawyers Can Help

Top mesothelioma law firms and asbestos attorneys focus on helping the people who have incurred damage from this toxic substance. These top mesothelioma attorneys help their client get an asbestos settlement or an award for a class-action lawsuit that provides fair compensation for all the damages. These include:

Physical disability. The majority of mesothelioma victims are physically disabled. Their inability to work due to the exposure can be compensated.

Medical bills and long-term care. A huge pile of legal bills is still being dealt with many mesothelioma victims despite their insurance coverage due to policy limits which leaves them with no other means of paying for their treatment.

Emotional damage. Mesothelioma brings extreme mental and physical pain. Veritably, it is one of the most painful cancers that affect the delicate tissues surrounding the lungs and other organs. Many patients continuously struggle for breath and suffer from mental and physical pain. All these sufferings can be compensated.

Loss of income. Asbestosis often keeps mesothelioma victims from working. Through a lawsuit, compensation can be demanded lost wages.

Loss of a family member or relative. A devastating loss such as this can be somewhat compensated with the help of a mesothelioma law firm.

As a punishment, a company can incur punitive damages if the court proves that they have been reckless in exposing their workers to asbestos. However, some states in the US currently limit the size of the punitive damage awards. When a jury grants an amount that exceeds the limit, the state law will require the judge to reduce this to the state maximum. Punitive damages may also be awarded when the court finds that a company has full knowledge of the risks of asbestos yet did not act accordingly to protect the workers from acquiring the damages.

After the mesothelioma prognosis, the victims should call an attorney with experience in handling mesothelioma cases to find out if they are qualified for medical or financial compensation. These types of claims should be filed within a prescribed period. Only a qualified attorney can ensure that a lawsuit is filed within the statute of limitations.

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