What exactly is lemon law and what is the role of a lemon law lawyer?


Wondering what lemon law is? Well, for starters it is nothing related to a lemon fruit. Instead, it is a law enacted to help consumers with a means to claim compensation or replacement for a defective product particularly vehicles. Therefore, if you bought a new or used car and find that all you do is spend time at the mechanic now and then, then probably it is time you sought the services of a lemon law lawyer.

A lemon law attorney is a legal expert with knowledge and expertise on matters concerning vehicle dealership fraud. This is an expert who can help resolve your lemon law issue with a car dealer even without having to face a jury.  With the right lawyer, you can easily get rid of the lemon vehicle or any other lemon product. He/she will be able to provide you with guidance on how to handle any lemon law case. But is this the only role of an attorney specialized in lemon law? Apparently not, here are more specified functions of this legal expert.

Issue notice to the dealer

Once you hire a lemon law attorney, their first role is to notify the dealer who could be a manufacturer or whoever of the pending lemon law claim. This thy will do by issuing a letter to the dealer’s legal team outlining the complaints highlighted regarding the vehicle or product sold to you. Included in the letter is also the applicable laws to such cases.

Negotiate for a settlement plan

Once they have notified the dealer of the product’s defects, any professional lawyer will try to find a way to settle the case without having to face a jury. Remember that it is your lawyer’s responsibility to negotiate a settlement and not yours. To avoid making the same mistakes many consumers make of negotiating their claims. Doing this will only give you lots of frustrations, and you might end up not getting your claim. So let your lawyer do the job that you hired him for.

Filing the complaint

Usually, when negotiating a settlement option, the law attorney gives the dealer at most 30 days to go through the issued notice and weigh their options on how to settle the claim. However, if the given period expires and the dealer are not willing to comply, then the lawyer must file a lawsuit to that effect.

When a lawsuit is filed, the dealer will have to get a lawyer also to represent him in court.

Gather facts to support your claim

More often when a lawsuit is filed in a court of law, the legal teams have to find information that can help support their cases. In this case, your lemon law attorney has to gather all the necessary information including witnesses if possible to help prove that your claim is valid.

The information needed in this regard could include testimonials and reports from repair shops that helped solve the defects and also proof that shows you bought the product from that particular dealer.

So, when dealing with a lemon law attorney, do not take over responsibilities that are not meant for you. Let the lawyer do his job which is to ensure that your claim is successful.

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