What is a Federal Crime Lawyer?


A federal crime lawyer is equivalent to a criminal defense lawyer in the state judicial system. However, after saying that there are key differences and clearly understand what they are we first need to understand the nature of the federal justice system. Federal crimes are often; particularly violent crimes, terrorism, organized crime or ones that cross the state jurisdictions of several states. Typical federal crimes would be things like kidnapping, drug smuggling, racketeering and terrorism but there are also white collar crimes such as mail fraud, counterfeiting and bank fraud

The big difference is that federal crime is prosecuted by federal agencies such as the CIA, the FBI and the DEA. Therefore, most federal crimes are serious criminal offenses that will be tried by highly specialized and expert federal prosecutors. In the federal justice system, crimes deemed to be Federal offenses are prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office.

Consequently, federal crimes are likely to be more complex than any state crimes and require specialized knowledge in conducting a competent defense. There is also a different set of rules for presenting evidence and differences in trial procedures that would confuse even experienced state defense lawyers.

It is due to the technical differences in the judicial procedures that federal crime lawyers need to be licensed to work in a federal court. A state criminal lawyer would need to either get a license to practice in the federal judicial system or get special dispensation on a one-off basis. It is for that reason that should you find yourself under investigation of committing a federal crime and waste no time in hiring an experienced federal crime lawyer.

If you are under investigation but not yet charged then a competent federal crime lawyer can mount your defence against federal crimes but thiswill certainly require a lawyer with extensive experience in working in the federal legal field. They will also need to act quickly before the federal judgement moves into gear. This is because once the Federal investigation agencies and federal prosecutors overcome their initial inertia they will deploy their vast resources toquickly build, develop, and present their case. So aggressive and skilled federal prosecutors are said to have a 93% success rate back in 2011. Against that sort of opponent your only hope of defence is to secure the representation of a federal crimes defence lawyerthat is knowledgeable and skilled in defending against this serious type of crime as soon as possible.

However, make sure you get the right federal crime lawyer, one that specializes in the crime that you have been indicted for and not just any federal lawyer. For example if you are under investigation or indicted for suspected computer hacking do not hire a lawyer that specializes in kidnapping or tax evasion. Make sure you match your lawyers experience to the charges you will be facing, because you can guarantee they will be up against an aggressive and expert prosecution.

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