What is nursing home neglect – How to deal when it happens?


You have to understand that negligence is the failure of the nursing home to provide standard and proper care. According to laws in many states, these neglects exist in order to protect disabled people and elderly adults from any kind of abuse. The oversight is an important part of the law that became eminent in most homes all across the USA. In some cases, members are overworked or undertrained, which is the main cause of health complications for their residents and families.

When someone fails to provide the necessary care for the elderly person, it doesn’t matter whether it is intentional or not, he/she can enter a dangerous situation, especially if the patient is in serious health condition.  

Negligence in Nursing Homes

The most neglected that happen are the cause of abuse in nursing homes include:

  • Lack of proper care – In case that patient is unable to move and people who work in the nursing home don’t reposition them in a reasonable time, it can cause bedsores and other issues that could lead to fatality. Wheelchair patients and those who are restrained are prone to have this particular problem.
  • Improper medication – Every staff member has to provide their patients with the correct amount of medications. In case that they miss a dosage or give incorrect medication that could lead to fatality.
  • Isolation – If staff members purposely punish or for their patients from social contact that is also a form of neglect and can lead to a lawsuit.
  • Falls – These are most common issues that happen to senior citizens. Most of them get injured because of fall, and every nursing home reports approximately 200 falls each year. That is the problem that happens often, however, sometimes falls can be caused because the staff member didn’t pay enough attention.
  • Dehydration – When an elderly person has a lack of proper intake of liquid, that could also be a cause for issues and future ailments.

How to identify nursing home abuse?

There are many signs that you have to now of revealing abuse in nursing homes. Some symptoms and signs include rapid weight loss, bedsores, discontent with staff, contusions, isolation, unclean environment, anxiety and depression.  

  • When an elderly person has a weight loss that could be caused by malnutrition, dehydration, or any sign of illness. You are paying for quality care, and if that happens you should ask yourself a question whether you should choose nursing home abuse lawyer that could help you file a lawsuit.
  • Bruises are also most common among nursing residents. They could be caused by neglect or abuse from staff members. Even though they tend to bruise much easily than younger people, you should conduct a proper investigation in order to find the cause of bruising.


Whatever happens, you have to act quickly. As soon as you fin any of these symptoms you should include an attorney with you so that you can tell people who are in charge of a nursing home that you will have to sue them if something goes wrong or if issues continue to happen. That is the only way to protect people you love.


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