What to Look for In a Good Attorney in Help with Legal Issues for Elderly


Estate planning doesn’t begin and end with only a last will and testament. An attorney who is in this field of law will also draw up living trusts, advance a plan to alleviate or evadeestate taxes and as so work to make certain your life’s savings as well as assets stay safe from your beneficiaries’ creditors following your death.

Located in Brandon

Estate planning lawyer Brandon can prepare healthcare and powers of attorney directives, arranging for some individual to take care of all your businesses in case you become mentally incapacitated. He also will help avoid conservatorship and guardianship issues if you need someone else to look after your personal affairs.

Qualities to look for

  • A good attorney in this field may have the experience and have knowledge to assist you with unique family as well as situations with finances. Look for an attorney who devotes the practice to this area of the law.
  • You need to feel very comfortable sharing all detail that are intimate of your life and your concerns, so your estate plans do not fall short of your expectations and needs;
  • Your estate attorney should be well educated in and up to date with laws in your state. Otherwise your estate plan might ultimately be deemed to be invalid by the court.

What will you pay

You should be prepared to pay higher legal fees to have your estate plan created, updated and maintained by an attorney who specializes in this part of the law. You are paying for this attorney’s expertise that has been learned and accumulated over years of working with different clients and taking legal education classes. Remember the saying “You get what you pay for.” Also remember, if an attorney’s fee seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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