Why You Should Switch to Digital Waivers Today


Waiver forms have become a standard requirement for businesses, especially when they involve a certain level of physical risk. Whether you’re visiting a fitness center or amusement park, you’re providing waivers to your customers asking them to agree that they are aware of the risks and hence waiving liability. However, there are many issues with paper waivers. Here are several reasons why you should switch to digital waivers today and ditch the paper forms.


How do you prove that every person involved signed the waiver? When you use an app that presents the waiver when they bought a ticket online or through your app, you gain a digital record that shows the people buying the tickets selected yes, they’re aware of the risks.

Another benefit of waiver apps is that it can present multiple digital waivers to the customer and refuse to complete the transaction until they agree to all the terms. Conversely, someone may only sign the top or bottom form in a stack, leaving you legally exposed.

And when you switch to the digital waiver system, you don’t have to keep up with all the paper forms, potentially losing your legal protection from liability if you lose the form the customer signed.


We already mentioned that the waiver app can be set up to get someone to agree to the terms of service as a condition of completing the transaction. The simplicity of using these apps is another reason to adopt them.

Your employees don’t have to handle forms and make sure people sign every form in a legible manner and they don’t need to enter the information into the computer, slowing down the processing of customers. Retrieval of signed waivers is much faster and easier. And when you’re creating new customer profiles as part of their sign up, the digital waiver is automatically associated with their profile as part of the sign-up process. Depending on the app, they may be able to sign everything digitally via their smartphone or computer instead of signing up for service online and having to fill out forms when they show up.

The simplified business processes you gain with digital waivers helps your business save money. And that is aside from their overall cost being half or less that of paper waivers.

Legal Certainty

One benefit of a waiver app is that you have outsourced the legal review process of the terms and service and liability waivers to someone else, someone who is more familiar with what you can ask others to agree to. Now you avoid the risk of someone saying the entire waiver is invalid because of one term or condition that isn’t legal in your state. Many waiver apps also review their forms periodically and update the waivers as state laws change, so you don’t risk losing your legal cover because your forms didn’t change along with the laws.

Another benefit of digital waiver apps is that you can force the person to remain on the legal document screen for a minimum period of time. This will prevent the chances that they skim through it and that they thoroughly understand the terms of service and conditions before they decide to sign. Then there’s the fact that customers can use waiver apps to review the documents later or print off their own copy without taking time from your staff’s busy schedule.


Digital waivers are not just cutting-edge technology. They are fast becoming a business necessity. You can’t afford to skip the added protection and streamlined operations provided by digital waivers.

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