Your Questions Answered about Divorce in England


If you have reached a point in your relationship that is irreparable, you need to find out more about the divorce process in the UK, or England in particular. You probably have several questions to ask a solicitor. For example, you may have questions about when a divorce can be filed and how to get a divorce in the location where you live.

Where to Obtain Answers to Your Divorce Questions

The above questions can be answered by and discussed with a solicitor who is a specialist in the area of family law. Not only can he or she answer the above questions, they can also serve as your legal advocate during this particularly stressful time.

In the UK, you can obtain a divorce in either Wales or England after one year. The marriage must be recognised legally within the UK, and you must be a permanent resident of either of the two countries.

What Paperwork Must Be Completed?

According to family law solicitors in Bradford, you must send all the documentation for your divorce to the court. Besides the filing, you and your former partner need to confer on childcare arrangements, child maintenance support, and divide your assets and belongings. By speaking to a legal representative, you can find out what needs to take place to make the divorce legally binding.

If you can agree to the above issues, you can avoid having to attend a court hearing about the reasons you are ending your marriage. In order to obtain assistance on the topics mentioned above, it is helpful to use the services of a mediator. However, if you are amenable and wish to dissolve the marriage amicably, you can keep the process on track by relying solely on a solicitor’s services.

What are the Reasons for Divorce in England?

Grounds for divorce in England involve one of the following circumstances:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable behaviour – This may include physical abuse, verbal abuse, inebriation, or a refusal to pay for housekeeping.
  • Desertion – Even if you have lived together for as long as six months in a 2.5 year period, you can use this reason for permanently ending a marriage.
  • You have lived separately for over two years – Both parties must agree in writing to the divorce.
  • You have lived separately for over five years – The divorce can still be granted if one of the parties opposes the dissolution.

How Do You Get Your Court Documentation Approved?

Three major steps are involved in getting a court’s approval for a divorce degree in England. First, you need to make a filing and indicate specifically why you want to end your marriage. If your partner does not intervene and defend your reasons for ending the partnership, you will be granted a rule nisi. Otherwise, you will need to attend a court hearing in order to reach a settlement.

A rule nisi is a court order and ruling that has no impact unless a specific condition is realised and met. If the condition is then met, the order becomes a rule absolute and therefore is legally binding. You can apply for a rule or decree absolute six weeks following the issuance of a rule or decree nisi. When the decree absolute is granted, it means that your marriage is officially ended and you can once again marry.

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