5 best family lawyers in Melbourne


Family matters and problems are a crucial part of life. In family issues, it is important to consider a specialist of a family law who may help you in resolving the family problems and help you in managing them. Lawyers who have a specialization in family laws may help in many family matters such as marriage, divorce, children and property problems. They may also deal with the spouse or children abuse, children kidnapping issues or adoption.There are many highly specialized family lawyers in Melbourne that it may be difficult to pick out one of them. Best family lawyers Melbourne are highly recommended. And when it comes to personal family matters, lawyer should be very professional.

  1. Taussig Cherrie Fildes:

Taussig Cherrie Fildes are certainly the number one choice of Melbourne. They have an exceptional reputation. Their service and hard-work is unparalleled and they are ranked as number 1 in Melbourne for the family law issues. They consist of many specialists of family law who have a great experience of many years. Debra Cherrie and Paul Fildes have been awarded as the preeminent family lawyers in Australia. They serve their customers in number of areas which also includes financial issues, arrangement of tax, child custody dispute and arrangements as well as divorce and separation.

  1. Knight family lawyers:

They provide local service to Melbourne people and offer unexpectedly excellent services. Affordable options and services are provided by them for those who needs to have legal advice in family law matters. They take care of client’s sensitive issues. They help their clients with the legal issues of child protection, abduction, divorce and many more. Their services also includes family violence, property issues and settlements. Services are very recommendable and they make their client assure that the individual is concerning with the same lawyer throughout the whole process.

  1. Melbourne family lawyers:

They are specialist in number of matters related to the family law such as assets and their settlement, financial, emotional and custody disputed as well as parenting disputes. They are highly recommended specialists in Melbourne when it comes to personal family issues. They are best in dealing with sensitive family matters and even refer you specialized counselors or psychologists.

  1. Blackwood family lawyer:

They are smaller firm in Melbourne and usually deals with the smaller family laws and matters. They have lawyers of at least 50 years of family law experience. They deal with the areas of divorce, financial arrangements for children and child support. An individual can expect to be dealt by three senior principal solicitors.

  1. PCL lawyers:

This 5 star rated office is located in Melbourne having an aim to provide their clients practical guidance with fast and effective solutions to common family matters. This may include separation, children matters and assets issues. They have number of network branches that are conveniently local.

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