A labor lawyer helps you to know your employment rights


You will see a unique dichotomy today when you have a glance at the workforce. On the one hand, there is organized labor who are provided with stable wages, and on the other hand, the unorganized labour work in unregulated conditions at a much lower wage. Labour law is designed to mitigate the dispute between the employer and the employee. It regulates matters like employment contracts, doctrines, collective bargaining agreements, etc. The labour Lawyer in Toronto Ontario and other countries work to mitigate the dispute between the employer and the employee.

Role of a labour lawyer

  • Explanation of rights: A labour lawyer is a right person who can explain the rights of the labour in detail like all the applicable laws, and the options that the labour has like negotiation, litigation, mitigation, etc. along with its pros and cons.
  • Compliance: Lawyer helps you to remain compliant with all the rules and regulations within labour law. They do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, and religion. They also help employers to learn their obligations with respect to the guidelines.
  • Filing complaint: For any kind of dispute between the employer and the employee, a claim is filed. They help the labour in filing the case with appropriate agency and the time limit for filing the suit.

How to know if you need a labour lawyer?

As an employer:

  • When you are threatened with a lawsuit by the employee with respect to mistreatment, discrimination, employment contract, etc.
  • You wish to remove an incompetent worker or an unsatisfactory union worker. The employee should genuinely be incompetent for the work.
  • When there is a talk between the employees for a strike.

As an employee:

  • When an employee notices any kind of mistreatment, hazardous working conditions, wrongful termination without prior notice, etc.
  • The employee has been wrongfully terminated from work without any prior notice.
  • When the employee wishes to negotiate the terms during the strike.

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