Child Sponsorship Lawyer In Toronto Canada


Canadian laws are very friendly and they take care of the rights of each and every individual living in this country. You can find the best lot of lawyers for every single legal issue you have. Similarly, child sponsorship lawyer in Toronto, Canada is also a big facility that Canadians can avail anytime they need. according to the Canadian law, child sponsorship programs carry a lot of value and importance. These programs are amongst the most important ones amongst any other program that is handled by Canadian immigration office.

The reason why this program is so important for Canadian Immigration Office, is their understanding about the urgency and seriousness of the issue of providing sponsorship and stability to every child living inside Canada. Although, the federal laws protect every child and take care of the rights, the applicant still has to undergo a legal process to get the case filed and approved.

This is a legal process that obviously needs legal help and guidance. To make sure that the visa process of your child sponsorship is completed successfully, you must take legal guidance from a professional child sponsorship lawyer in Toronto, Canada.

You can find many experienced and reliable law firms which are known for handling these type of cases successfully. It is better to make use of the expertise of such legal firms. These sources have handled cases like yours so they know how to file the case in a way so that you could go through it smoothly. You will not only get surety on the success of the completion of legal process, but your lawyer will also assure you on the quick results.

Let’s find out how a sponsor can qualify for this program.

The Canadian law is very favorable for child sponsorship, but it has set some rules and regulations that have to be followed.

  • The sponsor has to be 18 years or above this age.
  • You have to be a Canadian national or a permanent resident.
  • In case you are a Canadian resident but currently living outside Canada, then you must assure the government that you will start living in Canada after your sponsored child becomes a resident too.
  • Have to assure that there isn’t any kind of social assistance required by you other than the case f disability.
  • Financially strong enough to sponsor a child.

Who is eligible to be sponsored?

Not everyone can be sponsored. There are some conditions in which a person can be sponsored.

  • The person whom you want to sponsor, has to be under the age of 22 years.
  • There shouldn’t be any common spouse.

In case someone is above the age of 22 years and you want to sponsor him/her under the category of child sponsorship, then you can go ahead only if the following requirements are met.

  • They are unable to support themselves due to some kind of mental or physical health.
  • Before the age of 22 they were already relying on the support from their parents.

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