The Basics of The Bail Process In San Diego


The bail process is complicated if you do not take help from an experienced ail agent. The professionals help in the legal matter. Read the post to know more about the bail process. 

When a criminal suspect gets arrested, there are certain procedures that should be followed. The suspect was first taken to the police custody, which is also called the booking. Then the arrested is determined whether he will get a release or not. The suspect can get released only if he agrees to pay a certain amount of money, which is termed as bail. The bail is the money or any other property that is deposited to the court via the bondsman. The person also ensures that he will return the money after he gets the bail. However, if the defendant does not come to the court or he violates the rules of the bail, then he will be again sent to the jail and the money will not be returned. 

Hence, it is always important to hire an experienced bail agent or bondsman who has a license in dealing with the bail bonds. Though the suspect can be released with the help of bail, there is also a chance of ‘own recognizance” where the suspect might be released if he promises to appear to the court again later. The process of bail bonds in San Diego can be easy if taken proper steps. 

Booking Of the Bail Process

The booking for the bail process is made through the following steps-

  1. The personal information of the suspect is collected that includes the name, date of birth, and the physical features. 
  2. The bail agent also collects the information about the alleged crimes of the suspect.
  3. Tracking the record of the criminal background of the criminal, if any.
  4. Checking the suspect through fingerprinting, photographing and also searching information
  5. Taking away personal items from the suspect
  6. Place the suspect in the holding cell or at the local jail. 

The Bail Process

Getting out of jail is done with the help of bail. It is the cash or the piece of land that is having the cash value that you provide to the court in return, and you show up to the court when you are called. If you show up to the court, your bail is returned. However, if you do not show up the court, your bail will be canceled, and the warrant will be issued. The main purpose of the bail is to ensure a guarantee that a suspect will show up to the court when the orders come. The bail cannot be given as the means to raise money by the government or to punish the suspect. 

How Is The Bail Determined?

If anyone is arrested, he can pay the bail and leave the jail before the trial period. This is called the posting bail. The amount of bail varies depending upon the state and other factors. The judge will determine how much bail should be given depending upon the bail schedule. The schedule depends on the elements as like the criminal record of the suspect and his history, the seriousness of the guilt and the suspect’s relationship to the family, employment, and the social community. 

After the bail amount is negotiated in the court, the bail agent pays the money, and the suspect gets released. Then the suspect assures to pay 10% of the bail fee to the bondsman.

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