Court Martial Lawyer


When A military service member is facing a court martial, he should completely comprehend what he’s up against. Many times, the accused it doesn’t recognize the gravity of this situation until it’s too late. Jaclyn C. Grieser is a professional court martial lawyer defending military employees. Contact her to defend all levels of court martial cases.

In many Cases, the Prosecution has many lawyers and paralegals working hard to place you in jail for as long as you possibly can. From the Military Justice system, the accused is frequently scared, overwhelmed, and feels weak. Thus, they believe they don’t have any option but to immediately plead guilty. Have a look at the truth

Government prosecution staff Members typically outnumber your assigned military defense staff 5 days to 1. The accused is frequently denied asked delays and continuances so they can prepare boards, Article 32’s, and courts martial.

Army prosecutors frequently use the “shotgun approach” to charging. Their approach is straightforward, control a military service member with as many fees as you can, and they’ll not have any option but to plead guilty. It’s not unusual for a court martial charge sheet to be 3-4 pages long, typically with the identical behavior charged over and over again, in many different ways.

The Authorities has almost unlimited financial resources and some prosecutors will attempt to succeed no matter what. The Government has got its own team of criminal investigators (CID, NCIS, MPI, etc.) attempting to dig up dirt to use against you personally.

Rank frequently plays a role in the results of your situation. Almost always, the Judge, the Chief of Military Justice, the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA), the majority of the prosecution, the Convening Authority (the individual that picks the prosecution and determines whether you’ll probably be court martialed), the Article 32 officer, the chain of control, and nearly every individual which produces a decision in your situation will mesmerize you along with your delegated Military Lawyer. A competitive civilian defense attorney isn’t subject to the position.

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