Obtaining the Best Propositions to Get the Most Favorable Outcome for You


You very well know that being on the center of a wrongful accusation is stressful. It may cause an impending serious impact on your life as an individual who may want to enjoy freedom just like everybody else. When that happens, choosing the expert and professional guidance from the best Fresno criminal defender can provide good and positive outcomes for you. Taking a tremendous risk by finding favorable circumstances to refrain you from being judge the wrongful, these lawyers in Fresno are also the best DUI attorneys in Fresno that are accountable for your protection and your reputation as well.

Dealing with the substantive issues being charged with the defendants, these impressive criminal defense attorneys are working hard on researching, preparing and arguing a case on the behalf of their clients, who believe to have been investigated or arrested due to criminal cases or DUI charges. Your frontrunners in dealing with criminal or civil cases…. these skilled and proficient attorneys from the Law Office of Michael J. Aed are your aggressive felony criminal defense and DUI attorney, serving Fresno residents. Handling hundreds of cases, the results are speaking for themselves as well as the testimonials found on their websites by the individuals whom they have helped in the past. Dealing with DUI charges doesn’t mean you are left with no choice of defending yourself. You don’t have to lose your freedom when you are faced with a criminal case whether it is in State or Federal court. Here are the following DUI cases which the Law Office of Michael J. Aed are working on for the past years and for the present:


Felony DUI – felons aren’t always scary. Accidents happen not because you intentionally drink then drive. Since being charged with DUI can not only tarnish your reputation but can cause you serious consequences, getting a DUI expert attorney in Fresno will help assess and evaluate your case, seeing through the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you.

Fatal DUI Accident – don’t just plead guilty, get professional defense counsel. When you are faced with this charge, get the team’s experienced and professional lawyers help you in defending your case of DUI charges.

DUI With Injury – if you are facing charges of injuring someone while driving under the influence, you could be facing higher penalties. The best thing to do for yourself in this situation is to call the knowledgeable and proficient DUI defense attorneys from the Law Office of Michael J. Aed. Get a top-notch legal defense by acquiring help from their office who had defended numerous clients facing felony charges. Don’t delay getting the help that you need. Seek for their assistance now.

Getting help on the DUI Process in Fresno

The DUI process is complex due to its specificity that demands rigorous evidence and expert testimony. It is imperative that you seek for the help of the passionate and aggressive criminal defense attorneys from the Law Office Of Michael J. Aed.

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