Divorce Lawyer – Your Support during Emotional Turmoil


Every family goes through some difficult times in their life. At times these problems may be bigger than one expects it to be. A family is something that most people yearn to have. Living with the people who you can call your own spreads a warm feeling in your heart. I was blessed with one such family. I got married some years back and was living a happy life. After two years of our marriage, we had our first little child and we could not have been happier. However, too much happiness may seem too good to be true and it turned out to be the same in our case. It was not very long before everything started going downhill. I got promoted to a new job and was asked to travel a lot. The prospect seemed interesting. After all, who would not want to travel for free and earn while travelling? The answer, as I later learned was that it is not really all that rosy. Within months I could see problems arising between me and my wife. Not being together for long made us seem like strangers in the same house. I could see that this was not going well.

Then one day, it happened. I returned home late at night to see a friend leaving from my house. I knew this was not good news and that this was it. I asked my wife if she wanted to divorce me because the love no longer existed. As expected, she agreed that it was getting strenuous and this could not go on for long. In spite of a lot of counseling, the marriage could not be saved. I was emotionally tired, could not think straight and the thought that the girl who once loved me to pieces would be leaving me soon was too much to take. However, there was a divorce to be filed and a custody battle to be fought. I opted for the divorce lawyer offered by this company. I told them the problem, reason for divorce and everything else that they wanted to know. I was apprehensive at first because a family law lawyer is often very interfering and on the lookout for money.

To my surprise, my counsel turned out to be a gem of a person. The law firm offered me a free consultation and worked out a payment plan within my budget. I loved the positivity. As hard as it was, I knew that what my wife had done was wrong and my child was the only sign of the love that once was. The divorce attorney was understanding in nature and she built a very strong case. She did not let me down. Right from the filing of the case to the document completion and submission, everything was handled by the firm. We eventually won custody for our child. My lawyer helped me get something back from an unhappy experience.

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