Do You Need a Business Solicitor


Large businesses have entire departments dedicated to handling their legal issues. These legal departments handle everything from contracting new employees to negotiating with other businesses. When you are running your small business, you probably don’t have that luxury. If your small business is somewhat large, you might have enough capital on hand to keep a lawyer on retainer, and that is unlikely. Most small businesses have no legal departments. There are elements of your small business that you can handle yourself, and legal expertise is not one of them. You need a lawyer who is skilled in business law and readily available. Since you won’t be able to keep one on retainer, you’ll need to know where you can hire a good attorney at short notice.


An attorney is important when you’re writing contracts, regardless of who the contract is with. If you’re contracting with new employees, contractors, or other businesses, you need solicitors in Surrey who can ensure it’s a legally binding document. You also might need a solicitor to argue your case in some situations.

Argue Your Case

You might deem it necessary to hire a solicitor to help you argue your case in certain situations. Typically, that means defending you against lawsuits, or pursuing lawsuits on your behalf. You might find yourself pursuing a lawsuit against clients who have not paid you, contractors who did not do work properly, and other similar issues. You also might need to protect yourself from lawsuits by hiring a solicitor. The solicitor will be able to defend you and/or your business against lawsuits. There are legitimate and illegitimate lawsuits. Regardless of type, you’ll need the best possible attorney on your side.

These are just two scenarios in which you could greatly benefit from the help of an attorney. Additionally, you could use an attorney for real estate, ethics, and other legal concerns.


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