The role of a real estate lawyer while handling your case


Real estate is a labyrinth for those who are not aware of the rules or the depths it could take with those rules. It is not always easy even to sell an own property because of some restrictions that are specific to a region. Having a real estate agent can reduce such pains to some extent; but, there are cases that an agent cannot handle. Such cases should only be referred through real estate law firms in Oshawa. Lawyers can be helpful during buying a property or selling a property. In addition, the transactions are carefully examined by the lawyer so that no problem would arise. Here are some of the important duties performed by a real estate to ensure client security.

Property Verification

Documentation is everything in the present day conditions where everything needs to be put into papers. It has to be perfect without any misused words or phrases that can lead to controversies or conflicts in the future. Professional real estate lawyers found in Thomas & Efraim LLP would check the papers or documentation clearly to point out any problems and suggest the right way to eliminate any hindrances. Verification is important so that in the future anyone claiming the property illegally cannot lay a hand as the documentation would be perfect and would be in possession of the client.

Understanding the contract

The jargon used to write a document or contract papers are difficult to understand for people with no knowledge in the words used by lawyers. A real estate lawyer Oshawa would help in understanding the deeper meanings of every word and ensures that the client understands the agreement or contract completely. Further, both the parties are explained about the points mentioned in the contract and allow them to sign only after they understand everything precisely. This is the area where a real estate agent cannot show proficiency as he is not a lawyer. Therefore, it is suggested to have a real estate lawyer while signing contract or selling or buying a property.


Sometimes properties just bought would have a bill for unpaid taxes, which should be the burden of the new owner. It is the responsibility of the old owner to make sure everything is cleared or reveal about any such hidden issues. If a real estate lawyer Oshawa is hired, he can deal with such cases and prevents any unnecessary taxes levied on the client. Further, such problems can be prevented from the onset as the lawyer would examine everything before the client buys anything. If there are any hidden taxes not revealed by the second party it is possible to lodge a complaint against it. As a result all the litigations on a property would be cleared before purchasing. All these settlements cannot be done without the experience of a lawyer.

These are the important things that a real estate lawyer would do to ensure the security of a client. Therefore, never neglect hiring a lawyer and approach different real estate law firms in Oshawa to find the right lawyer who can get the job done.


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