Find the Best Attorney When You Are Going Through a Divorce


This law group in Queens is very popular and is recognized as good divorce and matrimony lawyers. They are up-to-date on all the issues that relate to family as well as more. They are Queen’s County’s oldest and more recognized divorce law firms with over 50 years of experience. Those who are residents of Queens know that they can trust this law firm. They have offices throughout New York City and Long Island, to service your needs. They treat all their clients like a member of their family and this is what separates them from the competition.

Offices in many locations

This divorce law firm has other offices in various locations and in addition to divorce cases, they can also handle family law and matrimony cases – related to post-nups, prenups, and much more. They also handle all kinds of complex and simple matrimony cases. They take a big picture approach to divorce which helps clients get exactly what the client needs and wants from spouses or former spouses.

Oldest divorce law firm 

This firm was established in 1976 which makes them one of the oldest divorce law firm in this area. Since then they continue to offer an impeccable level of service to clients ThroughoutLong Island, Queens and the state of New York. The firm was founded on one principle:

“To provide the highest level of satisfaction to every single client.”

Sole mission 

That is their sole mission as well as level of satisfaction for every client. That sole mission and everything they do revolve around that. That mission means you should meet with this Queens county divorce attorney if you have a case for a divorce. Most clients will work directly with one of the founding partners– in the majority of cases Todd Spodek. It is because of their passion to deliver quality service – they refuse to hand you over to lesser qualified attorneys or associates – which is what most other firms do.

Todd Spodek 

Todd Spodek, who is a founding partner, personally feels responsible for the outcome of each client’s case. Todd is well-known in NYC and Long Island. He personally is involved in every client’s case at this firm. In his practice, he works with a team to get these clients the best outcome possible.

If you are going through a divorce or separation perhaps this firm is one you should meet with.

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