What to do if you are charged with a Crime You Didn’t Commit


But I’m innocent! This is something law enforcement professionals and courtrooms hear all the time. Unfortunately, a significant number of people who claim their innocence are in fact guilty, and this lends to greater numbers in falsely accused people.

While it is impossible to know the numbers of convicted innocents, we do know that advancements in DNA testing have freed more than 140 innocent people from death row over the last 40 years. Considering the fact that people on death row represent a small percentage of the total prison populace, one can presume that the numbers of innocent people in prison are in the thousands.

The majority of wrongful convictions stem from evidence that can’t be challenged with DNA tests meaning most false convictions never see the light of being overturned. This is why it is imperative you hire a criminal defense lawyer the instant you are falsely accused of a crime so that a skilled attorney can take immediate action and save you from what could be some horrendous consequences. Remember, a criminal defense attorney doesn’t just represent guilty parties; they also defend innocent people accused of crimes. These offences can range from minor crimes like shoplifting to serious ones like murder or armed robbery.

Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer with the Right Experience

Just because attorneys practice the same field doesn’t mean they are necessarily best suited to take you on as a client. The type of crime you are convicted of will play heavily into considerations for hiring a criminal defense lawyer. If you were convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, for example, look for an attorney who has experience in defending people who have been wrongly accused of committing the same crime.

Here’s another way of looking at it: if you are working on a dissertation on Hesse and your academic advisor is a Goethe authoritarian, you will likely get adequate support in your pursuit of German literature. However, the quality of support would be better if your supervisor was also an expert in Hesse. Moreso, if your thesis focuses on ‘Steppenwolf’ but your academic advisor’s expertise in Hesse is focuses in ‘Siddhartha’ you still get the author expertise but the expertise is still slightly lacking down at a textual level. That said, look for a criminal defense lawyer who not only has a specialty area in defending the type of crime you were charged with, delve deeper and look for similarities and circumstances in the attorney’s past cases that best match yours.

Learn the Law

While it is primarily up to your lawyer to defend your case and prove your innocence, there are a number of reasons why you should learn the basics of the law you were accused of breaking. This will help you better understand your present situation and prepare you for potential outcomes. Knowing the law will also help you know enough to better accommodate your attorney and his legal team when they reach out to you for various documents or information pertinent to your case. While the justice system is clearly flawed, there is hope. If you are charged with a crime you didn’t commit immediately start searching for a criminal defense attorney whose background is best suited to put you in a great situation to navigate around the flaws and blurred lines so they can be seamless, clearly defined, and your innocence can be proven once and for all.

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