How to help a child who commits violence


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When we think of bullying, we often focus only on consequences, especially on the victim, and we often omit the questions concerning the child who commits violence. What does it feel when you behave so aggressively?

A child who commits violence not only scares their victims and parents, but also themselves. It is very scary to have such intense feelings with which the child does not know what to do, how to get rid of them. Parents in this situation may feel vulnerable and embarrassed because of the behavior of the child, which is why they are often perceived as uninterested and unsympathetic. However, we should not imagine that that is the only thing that the child feels. Although it is the responsibility of the child to behave appropriately, there are ways that parents can help the child with it.

As we have previously said, violence is the final act of aggression. The child may be aggressive in different ways, in addition to verbal, which mainly consists of offending while physical violence occurs as a culmination of anger.

What causes violent behavior among children?

Numerous studies have attempted to answer the question why a child behaves violently. The main conclusion is that there are several factors that may affect the child’s unwanted behavior:

Exposure to violence in the home as well as in the media;

Genetic factors, as well as damage to the brain or head injury;

As a result of physical or sexual abuse of the child;

The combination of different stressful socio-economic factors in the family (divorce, unemployment);

The use of drugs and / or alcohol.

It seems that some of the factors listed are responsibility to parents. Take, for example, violence in the home. Parents must be the ones who will teach their child the right way to treat people. Let’s say that a father beat his wife in front of their children. It is the same with smoking. Why should we listen to our parents and stop smoking when they are smokers themselves?

How can parents recognize the elements of violence with their child?
Signs that may indicate that a child is aggressive and does not behave properly:
1) Extreme irritability;
2) intense anger;
3) Extreme impulsiveness;
4) Low tolerance for frustration.

It seems that the biggest problem is not taking these signs seriously. Most often, the child’s behavior can tell a lot about the parents.

How to help your child and prevent further violence?

As already stated, the writing off of the seriousness of the situation, or ignoring it can worsen it. The problem exists, the question is how to act.

Professional help
If a parent realizes that their child commits violence, you should consult with a psychologist. Early treatment by a trained professional can be of great help. Basically, the goals of anger management therapy, is to learn how to express anger appropriately, take responsibility for their own actions and the acceptance of the result.

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