Involved in a Car Accident? Here is what You Can Be Compensated for


Understanding the laws of Texas is an excellent place to start in your bid to protect your rights after an auto accident. Car accidents can prove a life-changing event if you’re caught on the receiving end, and it’s only right that you at least get a monetary equivalent for all damages and injuries.

If you have been recently hurt in a car accident, consider contacting an Austin car accident attorney to receive the legal representation you require to file a claim. A lawyer can help you get a substantial settlement offer from the insurance companies and build a strong case if you eventually have to go to court.

Here is everything you can get compensated for if you get involved in an accident that you’re not responsible for:

Property Damage

Texas, just like most other states, gives the victim the right to be compensated for bodily injuries and property damage by the negligent driver’s insurance. This means that there must be proof that the driver is at fault. That said, the court may still not guarantee to recover even if you were injured and the other driver was at fault. The plaintiff bears the burden to provide evidence that the injury was sustained in the accident.


The word of one or two drivers may not be enough to confirm liability. The court uses several other methods such as a police report, accident scene investigations, and witnesses statements to come up with a conclusive decision. You may also need to prove injuries, typically through medical records, treatments, and bills. In cases where the negligent driver doesn’t have enough insurance or any at all, the court will be forced to come up with another recovery option.

How to contribute towards a successful recovery process

You can protect your claim by doing the following things immediately the accident happens:

  • Obtain the driver’s details, including name, phone number, address and license plate numbers.
  • Identify the witnesses and record their names, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Avoid commenting about the accident as it may be used against you in court
  • Contact an Austin car accident attorney
  • Notify police by dialing 911. You may have to wait for a police officer to appear unless you sustained injuries that necessitate immediate medical attention.
  • File an accident report if there is no officer available to inspect the accident scene. An accident report form can be obtained from any sheriff’s office or the Austin police department.
  • Reach your insurance company about the accident.
  • See your doctor for examination and diagnosis of injuries. It is essential that your doctor gets to know every symptom of discomfort or pain you experience, including if they are causing you anxiety, depression, sleeplessness or any other symptoms and conditions that were not there before the accident. The doctor will jot down only what you tell them, and this information might be needed later.
  • Do not agree on anything with the other driver or their representative before meeting your Austin car accident attorney.

Accidents can never be foreseen. Keeping the number of a lawyer in your wallet can help you speed up procedures in case you get in an auto accident.

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