Sexual Abuse – The Victims Are Often Blamed


It is heartbreaking to discuss or even think about how often sexual abuse occurs around the United States alone. Did you know that sexual abuse toward the elderly is intrinsically harmful. There are more cases of elderly women being sexually abused than elderly men. The rape or sexual abuse of an elderly woman can and does often cause such horrific genital injuries that result in vaginal lacerations, tearings and bruising. Some of the injuries following the sexual assault of an elderly woman can only be repaired by surgery. To further explain the severity of an elderly woman being sexually assaulted, take into account if she has Osteoporosis. Being sexually assaulted most likely will result in her bones cracking or breaking entirely due to the force of the trauma.

Not only does sexual abuse affect the elderly victims physically, but it also affects them psychologically. Often times the offender convinces the victim that it is their fault or that they wanted this to happen. These cases are horrendous to learn about which is also half of the battle. Victims are ashamed and embarrassed to report these happenings and often go for years without coming forward with the truth. The victim will go through denial and disbelief and almost place themselves in a state to where they become numb to what has now become a part of their lives. Feeling helpless to put an end to it.

These emotions of hopelessness, fear, anger, and confusion can cause their demeanor to change and even cause them to act out with aggression towards their caretakers, friends, and family members. If you ever notice these behavioral changes in your loved one who currently resides in a nursing home facility, contact a MN nursing home sexual abuse attorney right away.

Due to the fact that most elderly residents do suffer from memory loss and a decreased desire to participate in activities they once did due to having less energy, these behavior changes can be difficult to detect as being caused from any sort of trauma. Also, because many victims that do come forward are often overlooked and not believed, it is difficult for the victim to confide in administration with their assault. It is also difficult for many to believe that a 27 year old staff member would sexually abuse a grandmother or grandfather so these complaints get brushed under the rug.

Again, it is difficult to comprehend that these things do happen. Sexual assault and abuse in nursing homes is a growing concern. If you or your loved one has any complaints or concerns about their wellbeing and safety in the care of their facility, don’t hesitate to contact a MN nursing home sexual assault attorney for a free consultation today.

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