Weeding out the Rest: The Markings of a Good Personal Injury Lawyer


A personal injury case begins in suffering. You hurt in mind and body from whatever incident caused your injury. And, then you have to add the stress and insult of medical bills, therapy, lost time at work, and more. If you need a lawyer, you want to weed out the weakest.

The American Bar Association describes a “typical” personal injury case: “Automobile accidents, the area in which most personal injury actions arise, provide a good example of how the tort system works. You have a negligence claim in a ‘fault’ state if you are injured by a driver who failed to exercise reasonable care, because drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care anytime they are on the road.”

But, what are the markings of a good personal injury lawyer? It’s an issue of character, but good lawyers will stand out.

7 markings of a good personal injury larger:

  • Commitment: Personal injury cases can be difficult. A personal injury attorney must juggle significant issues coming from many directions simultaneously. But, as the client, you want the lawyer who commits to securing the best settlement and proper compensation to make you whole once more.

  • Smarts: Half the lawyers in the directories graduated in the bottom half of their class. They don’t all have the knowledge and experience you need for your case. Personal injury cases follow specific processes and involve certain studies.

  • Dedication: A good personal injury values the legal process. They respect its terms and processes. And, they share that understanding with clients to reduce their stress with the time and steps in the legal process.

  • Focus: The attorney’s focus drives and accelerates the legal process. Your personal injury lawyer has more clients than you. Still, you must feel they are acting in your interest. They are persistent in determining the value of restoring you and in settling or suing for that amount.

  • Availability: You need to have easy access to your personal injury lawyer. Making your claim is an uncomfortable experience, so the constant movements and stages add stress to your injury. A lawyer with the customer service sense to keep you informed and updated should lead your list when weeding the rest of your list.

  • Results: Results drive good personal injury lawyers. They frankly enjoy winning, but the joy comes from serving you well. You want that one with whom you feel that comfort level, that confidence you feel in someone willing to work with and for your interests.

  • Courage: Attorneys have an obligation to serve your interests as if they were their own. And, with personal injury cases, that usually means avoiding the time and expense of a lawsuit. That means you need the lawyer courageous enough to insist on the best possible settlement without a suit or to fight to end if the case goes to court.

Weeding out the rest

Florida Health lists hospital-reported, non-fatal visits:

  • 67,951 injuries from falls
  • 14,332 injuries from motor vehicle traffic accidents
  • 1,846 injuries from general transport
  • 1,462 injuries from pedal cyclist accidents
  • And other causes.

You could find yourself among them. So, your smartest move is to find a personal injury lawyer and carry that info with you.

It’s a profession. But, not all personal lawyer injury lawyers work the same or succeed as well. You want the one who appreciates the specific value of your claim.

You also want the one who you find knowledgeable and passionate about the work they do. It’s not easy to do this under pressure, so the best advice is to find that lawyer now. With research behind you and the lawyer’s info in your wallet, you’ll be ready for that accident when it comes.

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